Watching for the Signs – Clues a loved may need some support.

We all get forgetful sometimes – missing an appointment or losing track of our car keys.

And as we get older this may happen more frequently. In a loved one, this is often nothing to worry about – just like them not checking the post or leaving the washing up occasionally.

Elderly lady sitting
Elderly lady sitting

But if things like this start to happen on a more regular basis it’s important to take notice, especially if they’re out of character or come with a sense of confusion. In this case it might be time for an important conversation – one that might be a little awkward but could have great benefits. Signs like the ones below are indications that your loved one may need a little support to carry on living a happy, independent and fulfilled life. Spotting the signs early is the key – so you can work out whether they’re just a “senior moment” or whether they really are indications that your loved one may need some care.

Signs your loved one might need some extra support at home

Unread post

Your usually organised parent has started to ignore post, and you notice a growing pile-up of envelopes. If this is unusual behaviour maybe there’s an explanation?

Missed appointments

You’re regularly called in for lifts to hospital appointments, but it’s been a few weeks since that has happened. Seems out of character.

Overflowing bins

Your mum normally hates an overflowing bin! So why is there now a horrible smell in the kitchen, and why haven’t the wheelie bins been put out for weeks?

A Mysterious dent

A nasty dent appears on the side of your parent’s car, normally their pride and joy. You ask them how it happened, and they can’t remember. They didn’t even really it was there. 

Unwashed dishes

Mugs are accumulating in the sink, over time turning into a pile of unwashed dishes. Your Dad’s always been a germ freak so this unheard of! 

Pets’ strange behaviour

Your arrive at your friends for your regular lunch visit, but you're not greeted by the dog that normally won’t leave you alone. 5 minutes later that apparently tired dog is chasing its tail erratically. Is Max the Labrador getting walked?

Empty fridge

The fridge is distinctly bare and what there is seems at least a week out of date. For your foodie Mum this is really strange.

A forgotten kettle

That’s three cups of tea your Dad’s offered you since you arrived an hour ago. Each time he puts the kettle on then completely forgets about it and you're getting parched

Misplaced keys

Your older brother is usually annoyingly well organised but now his keys seem to keep going walkabout. There are only so many times you can lend him your spare.

Forgotten medication

For a parent who’s always been diligent with their tablets, it seems weird that there are missed days worth still in the foil. Why is this?

So keep a watch for this kind behaviour. There’s no need to be alarmed if it happens once or twice but just take note, and if it begins to seem out of character, then maybe it is time to #considercare.

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Elderly man siting on the table looking at the keys
Elderly man siting on the table looking at the keys