Twiddlemuffs - a practical way to help.

Twiddlemuffs - comfort and reassurance
Twiddlemuffs - comfort and reassurance

These days most of us either have a loved one living with dementia or know someone else who has and so we’re often asked for practical suggestions how to make their lives a little bit better.

Well, if you’re a knitter here’s an easy way to make a real difference – you could make a twiddlemuff!
A twiddle muff is essentially just a “tube” of knitted wool with a collection of small tactile objects sewn onto the outer surface. The idea is that the various items – button, ribbons, zips, that kind of thing – provide easy physical and mental stimulation. Sounds simple but we know from experience that many people with dementia find their twiddlemuff reassuring and comforting.

Click on the link below for full instructions. Or, if you’re in the South Manchester area, why not come along to our Community Day at the Central Chorlton Church on 6th July at 2 p.m.. There’ll be people available who can show you exactly what to do to make your loved one their very own twiddlemuff.

Knit your own Twiddlemuff - click here for instructions