Stopping the Scammers
Be Scam Aware
Be Scam Aware

Scammed. A word no one wants to hear about a vulnerable loved one.

Home is where an older people should feel safest but despicable criminals are increasingly finding ways to invade seniors' lives through the post, the telephone and the internet.

But a little knowledge and awareness goes a long way to minimising this threat. That’s why we run events around the South Manchester community to provide seniors with the tools to protect themselves.

Senior Fraud Protection Workshops

This week Alison ran a workshop at Holland Court, an independent living facility run by Southway Housing Trust. It’s a lovely, friendly, caring place where the residents really look out for each other.
Alison had a great chat with a really lively group of seniors. They told her they feel quite secure at Holland Court since Jabeen, their brilliant site manager, keeps door-stepping cold callers at bay but agreed it must be really worrying for older people living on their own. After much discussion they decided the most important precautions were...

•  Never give out personal details during any phone call you didn't initiate yourself

•  Never give your pin number to anyone claiming to be your bank. A real bank would never ask for it.

•  Don’t buy stuff from cold callers - ever.

•  Always shred personal documents before throwing them away.

Just a few simple rules but they really do reduce the risk of serious financial and emotional loss.

As well as running workshops we also produce a Senior Fraud Protection Toolkit. If you’d like a free copy to help protect a loved one just give us a call on 0161 884 0562 or drop an e-mail to [email protected]

Senior Fraud Protection ToolKit
Senior Fraud Protection ToolKit