Searching Out Superheroes
Are you our next Superhero?
Are you our next Superhero?

We’ve been looking for Superheroes this week.

People who seem ordinary but have an extraordinary power – the power to improve other people’s lives. We’ve been interviewing potential new CAREGivers and Susie, our Care Manager, has been using one of her own special abilities – spotting superheroes in disguise. She doesn’t give them the third degree (actually a stress free chat over a cup of tea is more our style) but somehow Susie can tell who’s got the right stuff.

“Most important is what kind of person they are. If they’re just looking for a job then they’re probably not right for Home Instead. We’re looking for the sort of person who’ll put the client first, the sort of person who goes to work not just for the money but because they enjoy making someone else’s life just a little bit better.”

No Challenge Too Mighty

But even though it can be immensely rewarding. Caring can sometimes test even the superest of heroes. How does Susie work out if people have got what it takes to handle the sort challenges that are bound to crop up from time to time?

“Of course, everyone we take on will get the benefit of Home Instead’s training and support but they still need the right attitude and instincts to put the training into practice. I get them to imagine themselves in certain situations and ask them what they’d do. I’m not looking for any particular answer. I’m more interested in seeing how they think.”

Well, Susie must have liked what she heard as she’s invited several people onto next week’s Training Course. But even so, we’re always looking for the right hero to add to our SuperGroup. If you’d like to earn a good wage improving someone else’s quality of life then give Susie a call on 0161 884 0562 or email [email protected] And we promise, we won’t give away your secret identity.