Nikky's Story
Nikky, Home Instead CAREGiver
Nikky, Home Instead CAREGiver

Nikky's experience working for Home Instead

Something a bit different in this week. I asked Nikky, one of our CAREGivers, to write a few words about her experience working for Home Instead. I expected a couple of paragraphs I could turn into a Facebook post. Instead I got a lovely, heartfelt account of her experience caring for two of our clients. I thought I’d share it, in full...

The first thing that struck me at Home Instead was the reasons the other CAREGivers on my training course gave for wanting to care for the elderly. It seemed less about their vulnerability and much more about what we can get from them - their wisdom, conversation and wit.

The training was great and it wasn’t long before I had my first clients - Mr and Mrs F!

I have to be honest, I was a bit nervous. I’d had some experience with older people, as a chambermaid in a care home and delivering art projects for seniors, but going into someone’s home felt like a huge responsibility. Thankfully Susie, my Care Manager, was there to reassure me that I’d soon settle in.

She was right. Mr and Mrs F seemed to warm to me and we quickly established a routine:

- First priority - brew up and a gossip!
- Restaurant service for Mr and Mrs F! (They both used to work in catering)
- Prompt to take their medication.
- Julian Clarey & The News.  (quiet whilst Mr F watches the bulletin...)
- Final Checks – anything else you need today?

I got to know the rest of the family too and really enjoyed hearing dusty memories come to the surface. My favourite moment was when Mr and Mrs F joined their daughter in a song-and-dance to Buddy Holly. They came alive in a way I hadn’t seen before, telling me tales of trips to the pub for a few Newcastle Browns!

But even when we were having fun I never fully let go of my sense of responsibility. For me, attention to detail for me is one of the keys to good care. Both my clients had dementia and serious medical needs that I was always aware of.

I would encourage anyone who has a big heart and a desire to genuinely care for people to give it a go as a Home Instead CAREGiver. It’s been an eye-opener for me and made me really passionate about securing care for older people wherever they are.

We’ll all be them one day, after all...