Making A Difference Awards - November '16

We hold regular Team Meetings at our offices for our CareGivers.

These are important as our team spend most of their time out in the community looking after their clients so it’s great for them to get together to share ideas and experiences.

One of the things we do at these meetings is to give out our Making A Difference Awards to CareGivers who’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The first of our two winners this month was Keturah who's been supporting a client with significant challenges recently and has done so with a wonderful, positive and professional attitude.

The second was Anna who's been super helpful covering visits during staff sickness and holidays. She's also one of our top "loggers in" to IQTimecard, our system which helps us keep track of our CareGivers to make that, despite traffic and other difficulties, we always deliver our promised care on time.

Well done to them both. We're really lucky to have such caring, talented people on our team!