Home Instead South Manchester - A Great Place to Work

Many organisations run surveys to find out what their customers think.

There aren’t many, however, that take as much trouble to get feedback from their staff.

At Home Instead South Manchester we think both are equally important, after all how can we ask our CareGivers  to value their clients if they don’t feel valued by us? That’s why, each year, we ask Smith & Henderson to run a confidential survey of all our team to find out exactly what they think about working for us.

Happily, the results we got back were just as good as the results of our client survey. We’ll be putting up the full results for download but here are a few highlights.

The first question we look for the answer to is...

“I would recommend Home Instead as a good place to work.”

We’re delighted to say 100% of our CareGivers agreed with this statement. 100% also agreed with these statements too, among others,…

"My supervisor cares about me as a person."

"It’s safe to speak up and challenge the way things are done."

"Home Instead is effectively managed and well run."

while 94% agreed that…

"I have the opportunity to contribute to decisions that affect me."

"My bosses show their appreciation for my hard work."

But most pleasing of all was that 100% of our staff...

“Are proud to work for Home Instead”.

We know we have a brilliant team of CareGivers who provide outstanding care for their clients every single day. We’re proud of and grateful for everything they do.

10% of Our CareGivers are proud to work for Home Instead South Manchester
10% of Our CareGivers are proud to work for Home Instead South Manchester