Dementia - Training To Care
Programme 2016. Inroduction
Programme 2016. Inroduction

The feedback and recommendations we get from our clients suggests we're meeting our goal of providing the kind of care we'd want for our own families.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t do even better – which is why training and development is such an important part of what we do.

We’re continually developing and improving the three day Induction Programme we take all new CareGivers through before they start work with us. We also put together individual Personal Development Plans for all CareGivers to make sure they continue to develop their skills as they gain more experience.

But it’s not just our CareGivers who are continually learning – it’s the management team too.
That’s why Alison – our very busy Care Director – gave up two full days of her time recently to learn more about a subject she’s already passionate about  - how to help people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias to live contented, fulfilled lives.

City and Guild's Accredited.

The course was held at Home Instead’s National Office and covered the theory and practice of dementia care to City and Guild’s standard as well as how to pass this information on to others – like our CareGivers. We’re already planning how to introduce this new material into our next Induction Programme.

Recording Life's Journey

One interesting part of course covered helping clients put together a Life Journal. Research has shown that talking about their life can be a positive experience for people living with dementia. It also helps create the personal relationship with their CareGiver that we believe is such an important part of good care. We're looking forward to putting this into practice with our own clients.

Sadly there’s no cure for dementia yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t make things better for people with the condition. And like they say, knowledge is power – the power to make a difference.

Life Journal
Life Journal