Self Directed Support - choose how you get care !

Self- Directed Support
Did you know that you may be entitled to funding which can be used to buy your own tailored care services that allow you to remain within the comfort of your own home. Home Instead South Lanarkshire can help you develop such a personal care package that allows you to keep your independence within your own environment, through funding from the local authority.

What is Self-Directed Support ?

Self-directed support enables you to have as much control as you want over how your support and care is provided. This includes how it is delivered and the use of the budget that the Council has assessed you for, based on the needs that you have. The fundamental idea behind this is to bring more choice and a variety of possibilities for support into the care system. Another aim of Self Directed Support is to change the way in which people think about their own care and to promote the rights and responsibilities surrounding this.

Put another way Self-Directed Support can be a direct payment to an individual, who has been assessed and deemed to be entitled to support, and those weekly/monthly payments can then be used by the individual to buy care services from a third party – of which Home Instead South Lanarkshire is one such provider.

How do I know if I am entitled to Self-Directed Support

Each Council may have slightly different processes but it is most likely that in your area there will be a central contact telephone number. You can either call yourself, or have a friend, neighbour, doctor, family member, nurse, or another make contact on your behalf.

It is likely that a Social Worker will arrange to visit you in your own home and assess your particular circumstances and needs. This assessment may involve a number of meetings with you, the worker from the council and other important people in your life – family, neighbours. The Council have a duty to make sure you are involved
in the assessment. The worker will discuss with you:

· What is important to you and what support would help make a positive difference?
· How much do your support needs impact on your life?
· What support do you already have?
· What is the best way to help you achieve your outcomes?

Outcomes are defined as what matter to people, as well as the end result or impact of activities.

Remember it’s important that your council take into account your preferences and those of your family – you should not be afraid to tell the worker what you think you need. The council have a duty to make sure that the assessment is completed taking everyone’s views into consideration, it’s a collaborative process.

If it is agreed that you need support, a care plan will be drawn up and shared with you. This will identify how your agreed requirements will be met and how your individual budget should be used. This may include a stated number of hours of care and support.

So that’s a quick guide to what Self-Directed Support is and many of Home Instead’s clients have utilised and benefited from this process and used the funds received to personalise the services they required from us.

Have a look at our Factsheet which takes you through the process and how you can receive your allocated budget. Self Directed Support (SDS) Factsheet

If you need any help with Self-Directed Support or wish to discuss it further then please give us a call on 01555 666474 or 01698 451025