How do you achieve outstanding Home Care Services

What's the secret to delivering outstanding home care services. Our view at Home Instead is that there is no one single thing, it's through a combination of various things that allows Home Instead to deliver high quality home care services.

Home Instead Senior Care believes that if you can deliver on the following top ten pointers then you will increase your chances of delivering an outstanding home care service.

  1. Take time to care - Home care visits last a minimum one hour. This means staff have time to care. Home care workers are not rushed and this allows them to deliver a higher standard of home care service.
  2. Be flexible and responsive - Have the ability to identify changes in client's needs and be willing to adapt care packages quickly to meet those changing needs.
  3. Go above and beyond - Staff are recruited for their caring and compassionate natures. Go the extra mile to help out your clients, they are individuals so treat them that way.
  4. Focus on the whole person - Home Instead Senior Care's model of compassionate, personalised care has a 'focus on the whole person'. Because the Home Instead service provides continuity of care with the same Care Giver/s, staff are able to build strong relationships with clients and can highlight when there are changes in a client's behaviour, mood or physical condition.
  5. Seeing the broader picture - The role of home care service's is to provide care to individuals but often it is also there to support family members. Understand why you have been asked to provide home care services, as it is sometimes to give the family some well deserved respite.
  6. Encourage reflective practice - Each of Home Instead Senior Care offices use 'reflective practice' to constantly improve the service they offer. Feedback from all relative parties, both positive and negative, is used as an opportunity for improvement.
  7. It's all about relationships - This one seems almost too obvious to mention but the genuine friendships that exist between clients and Care Givers is key to building relationships. We find when these positive relationships exist then it breaks down barriers and builds up a mutual trust.
  8. Shared values count - It is Home Instead Senior Care's aim to become the UK's most admired care company by changing the face of ageing. All our Care Givers are trained the same way and our values are clearly communicated to them. These values are reinforced at every supervisory visit.
  9. Training and Support - Home Instead Senior Care takes great care to ensure staff are provided with effective training and support. That means ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to meet their client's needs effectively.
  10. Make sure your service passes the "Mum Test" - An overriding theme for Home Instead teams across the country is that care has to pass the "mum test". Is the care being provided of a standard that would be good enough for our own mum or dad? The answer to this question has to be yes and it starts at the recruitment stage. When Home Instead is looking for staff, those hiring ask themselves if they would be happy for the candidate to care for their own mum or dad.
A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home