Fantastic CAREGivers

At Home Instead South Lanarkshire we pride ourselves on delivering top quality care at home. We promise to work with you to provide flexible, personalised home care based on what you would like, how and when you want it.

Our Care Givers are hand picked for their character and values and are expertly trained to support older people and their families. We do this to ensure we can closely match their interests, hobbies and personality with yours and they can become the friendly faces you’ll grow to know and trust.

I know anyone can makes claims like these to promote their business but let me share a few stories about some of our Care Givers to back this up.

Liz, who lives in the East End of Glasgow was introduced to a new client and they immediately hit it off as it transpired that Jimmy and Betty spent most of their life living two streets away from where Liz lives. Jimmy and Betty reminisced about what the area was like when they were living there and wondered what it was like now. Liz decided that when she got back home she would go out and take some photo’s of the neighbourhood, as that was the best way to show Jimmy and Betty what the area looked like now. The next day she surprised the couple with a load of photograph’s and they were delighted.

And then there was Barbara, who was so worried when one of her clients was taken into hospital that she asked permission if she could go and visit her. Barbara knew that due to family circumstances that this lady would probably not get any visitors and she did not have a change of clothes, toiletries etc that you would need when you are in hospital. Here’s an extract from a text I got from the lady when she got out of hospital………………”I truly can’t thank Barbara enough, not one visitor when I was in hospital apart from Barbara, she is only supposed to help me at home. She makes my life a lot better and has restored my faith in humanity by just being herself”

Barbara also used her initiative with another lovely old lady with dementia who had just got out of hospital. Because they were spending 5 hours a day together Barbara wanted to stimulate her mind and also help pass the time. Barbara encouraged Jessie to read her stories as Jessie loved reading, she also bought Jessie a colouring in book and the pair would colour in together. The were also caught one day singing Three Blind Mice as that was the first tune Jessie learned to play on the piano.


I also had someone who was enquiring about home care for their mum tell me lovely story about Joyce, who is one of our Care Givers. Joyce had recently started helping Marion who has dementia and like many people who have dementia can get agitated from time to time.

On one visit Joyce could see Marion was getting agitated and decided that the two of them would get their jackets on, get into the car and go for a drive. Joyce knew, through spending time with Marion, that she once stayed in a local village, so they drove there and fed the ducks at the village pond. Marion was in a familiar place and had a great time reminiscing. Such a simple thing to do and the story was shared at the local church dementia group that Marion attended and that prompted a new client enquiry for me ………………..and they asked would it be possible to get Joyce as a Care Giver!

And my last little story is about Gail. Gail is very popular with her clients, she’s reliable, she’s always on time but she also genuinely cares. She is isn’t perfect though and when she visits Isabelle she is always late in leaving as Isabelle loves doing jigsaw’s and so does Gail. It is not uncommon for the two off them still to be doing a jigsaw 20 minutes after Gail’s scheduled visit is supposed to have finished.

These are all true stories and can be backed up by all the clients and their families. That’s what makes Home Instead South Lanarkshire different from other care providers and that’s why families chose us to look after their loved ones.

A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home