Why singing means a happier brain

As a part of our Songs To Remember campaign, our clients have been benefitting from singing their favourite songs with their CAREGivers.

But why does music have such an impact on the brain, particularly on those with dementia?

Musical Memory

According to the Commission on Dementia and Music, regions of the brain associated with musical memory might overlap with regions not impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. This suggests that even if certain areas of the brain are badly affected by dementia, that person may still be able to enjoy music.

Research also shows that music may help people with dementia recall information, similarly to how mnemonics can help people.

The ‘memory bump’

The report also revealed that people with dementia retain the clearest memories of music they heard roughly between the ages of 10 and 30. Sally Bowell, a research fellow from the International Longevity Centre, told Home Instead Senior Care that ‘Evidence such as this is incredibly valuable for CAREGivers, who can use this as a key to unlocking the music that might most resonate with their loved ones.’

Why else does music impact the brain?

It’s engaging! Research shows that music activates the right side of the brain, and singing the left. This means that the whole brain can be stimulated.

It has also been reported that speech and language are benefitted by music, and it can also help combat anxiety as well as depression.

Music can have a massive impact on the lives of people living with dementia and it’s just one of the things our CAREGivers can use to help our clients get the most out of life.

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