Remember your elderly neighbours in the cold weather

Remember to stay warm in this cold weather. Look out for elderly neighbours or loved ones as they can be badly affected in weather like this. Why not invite them round for a brew and a chat?

We've put together a check list to make sure that you are ready for the cold winter days and nights that you can discuss with your elderly clients or family.

  • Make sure your heating has been serviced. The general advice is this should be done annually.
  • Keep a torch handy in case of a power cut and a radio with extra batteries.
  • Make sure you wear plenty of layers of clothing, warm slippers indoors and grippy shoes if you are heading out.
  • Have regular hot drinks, it's always good to keep a flask close by.
  • It is important to have at least one hot meal a day. Eating regularly will help keep your energy levels up.
  • Make sure that the room you spend most of your day in is warm throughout the day.
  • Heat your bedroom before going to bed. Set the timer on your heating to come on before you get up and switch off when you go to bed.
  • Use an electric blanket or a hot water bottle but not at the same time.
  • Wear bed socks, thermal underwear and a hat in bed if it's really cold.
  • Make sure you have a list of emergency contacts such as your doctor, insurance helpline and chemist in case you need them.

Scarborough and Ryedale are full of caring and thoughtful people, but it's all too easy to assume that elderly people will have family to check on them or might not welcome a knock on the door. Next time there's a cold snap, just take a few moments to care and you will be glad that you have brought a little warmth into an older person's life in more ways than one.