Introducing our new name and logo

We are delighted to introduce to you our new name and logo. Over the course of this year, you’ll begin seeing the new Home Instead name and logo more and more in our communications, signage and community outreach efforts.

The Home Instead name

Since being founded 16 years ago, the Home Instead UK network has expanded far and wide across the country. We’ve positively impacted the lives of millions of clients and families, and we’ve continually sought out new and innovative ways to support those who trust us with their care. By removing ‘Senior Care’ from our name, we’re showing our commitment to helping individuals age well at home wherever they are on their ageing journey. That still—and always will—includes serving seniors, a privilege that is ingrained in what we do.

About our new logo

When Lori and Paul Hogan started Home Instead in the US in 1994, they set out to redefine what it meant to care for ageing adults. This was an experience that was very near and dear to them after fostering a warm and joyful environment at home for Paul’s Grandma Manhart to thrive in until she was just three months shy of her 101st birthday. After seeing first-hand how human connection contributed to Grandma Manhart’s happiness, vitality and growth, Paul and Lori selected the tulip as the symbol for Home Instead: an icon that reflects optimism, hope, continued growth and friendship.

The circle surrounding the tulip in our new logo symbolises a full life and the community of support that contributes to one’s wellbeing and the continuation of growth and experiences to come.

Throughout the years, Home Instead has remained steadfastly committed to our mission: to enhance the lives of ageing adults and their families. This remains—and will always remain—the same: we’re deeply committed to providing the same level of compassion, care and support needed to fulfill a joyful and quality life at home. Our transition to Home Instead and our new logo does not change that; in fact, it amplifies it.