About Us...

Thank you for considering Home Instead Scarborough & Ryedale. We are a family business and we know how difficult it can be to find the right organisation to provide support at home, whether it’s for you, or for a loved one.

We have personal experience of finding and providing care for our parents and grandparents so our approach in Scarborough and Ryedale, will always be to provide care and support in a way that we would want for our own family. When we started Home Instead in York in 2009, we talked to numerous people who had experience of care at home in an effort to identify what were the most important aspects of a home care service.

Our regulating body, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has summed up these important aspects succinctly in their approach to inspecting services like ours. We therefore evaluate everything we do using the CQC’s five themes:


Providing a safe service is a top priority for Home Instead and we work hard to ensure that our clients, their families and our CAREGivers experience a service that identifies and manages risk and safety issues effectively.


Our care enables clients to remain at home in their own environment and able to make personal choices and decisions that make them happy and support their quality of life.


All CAREGivers are recruited for their caring nature, compassion and empathy with our care designed to enhance the quality of our clients’ lives.


We put the clients’ needs and wishes at the centre of everything we do. Our CAREGivers visit the same clients each week and are trained to enable our clients to do as much for themselves as possible to promote independence but with our support. Clear processes deal with issues that may arise and regular checks and service reviews ensure that the quality of our calls meets the needs of our clients.


The team has a huge range of care experience some having delivered and managed care service and others with senior management and leadership roles with experience to support business and strategy development. They all share the same values and put quality care and the needs of our clients at the centre of everything we do.

Our aim is that these five themes form the foundations that allow our clients to build trust in Home Instead and the service we provide. Ultimately, we aim to provide a service that we would be happy for our own families to receive and we believe passionately in giving you the confidence to trust us to provide the care or support you need.

Luke Norbury
Managing Director