What will you really be doing as a CAREGiver?

At Home Instead Reading we meet so many different people, through both our clients and our wonderful staff of CAREGivers. Everyone has such different interests and personalities that make them memorable, and we have been lucky enough to get to know so many wonderful people that we are happy to work with on a daily basis.

We know there are many different kinds of people in the world, and we look for this diversity when it comes to finding CAREGivers. Different areas of knowledge, different experiences, and different interests are all things that help to make a person interesting and likeable, and that is important when it comes to providing support for individuals in their own home. Our clients happiness and wellbeing comes above all else, and we try our hardest to ensure each of our clients can look at their CAREGiver as more than a service being provided, but as someone they know, trust, and enjoy spending time with.

This principle is at the very centre of all of the care services we provide, and if you were to become a CAREGiver with Home Instead Reading, we would take your interests and unique personality that helped you to achieve a position with us, and use them to match to our clients who enjoy similar things. We hope that this foundation of common interests will allow you to get to know your clients quickly, and build a genuine friendship.

This element of friendship is essential to all of our clients, no matter what other services or support they are receiving, and just by being your usual, friendly, chatty self you can really make a huge difference to someone who lives alone or is dependent on others.

Our CAREGivers are not just CAREGivers, but are pillars of support for our clients who receive not just friendship, but the chance to experience a whole range of new activities and places to see, along with some of their old favourites.

These examples of what our CAREGivers get up to should really give you some idea to the value we place on friendship and companionship. While other aspects of care are often necessary, we find that companionship is sometimes the most important of all to help individuals feel more happy, content, and comfortable within their own lives. So many people who require extra care and support will experience feelings of loneliness and frustration, and becoming a CAREGiver can help to dispel these feelings through just a simple word or a small act. You will find that most of Home Instead Reading’s CAREGivers will tell you that this is the most rewarding part of their job.

If you think you would like to find out even more about becoming a CAREGiver, or are interested in applying for a position at Home Instead Reading, or call us today on 0118 909 9108.