Perspective of a New CAREGiver

Over the years I’ve done a variety of jobs, which I enjoyed but none left me feeling fulfilled and that I’d made a difference. Back in April I decided I needed a change. One evening in April I was sat at home just skimming through Facebook, when an advert popped out at me. It was an Advert from Home Instead looking for CAREGivers. I recently lost my last Grandparent in 2016 and really missed visiting them each week. I would sit and have a cup of coffee and a chat with them, wash their hair or just sit and watch something on television with them. I really did miss them.

From seeing that advert to going in my first 3 days of training happened very quickly. It was a refreshing change to find a company that valued a high level of training. In previous jobs I just got shoved in at the deep end with no armbands and sometimes concrete in my boots (or so it seemed)

Not this time, the training was second to none and the support that I got amazing. In the 4 months I have been a CAREGiver I have never once looked back. Sometimes it seems criminal to call it a “job” and to be paid for something that I enjoy so much. It sounds corny but the clients now brighten my day. To see them laugh along with you, or to say “I wish you didn’t have to go yet” makes my day. And for those clients that don’t actually talk much, because they don’t have the energy, that big grin that goes all the way to that twinkle in their eye makes my heart melt. Sometimes these lovely people just need their minds taken off of their own problems for an hour or two, I’m more than happy to oblige. So here I am now, in a job that I love, with a Team that are friendly, supportive and caring. No problem is too small and You can go to them with anything. Life is good.

 Corinne - CAREGiver