Can you still be a CAREGiver without Caring Experience?

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When you consider caring, it is not something that is always necessarily a popular career choice, and we go through education and put ourselves on a career path, caring is not usually top of the list. Even if you enjoy helping people, caring can unfortunately take a backseat to options like medicine or nursing, but why should it be this way? Working for Home Instead Reading allows for you to meet new people, go to new places and build a relationship with your client, whereas in nursing and medicine you don’t necessarily have this constant building of relationships with the people that you meet.

A lot of people will begin to consider seeking out a care job once they have had some connection with it. You might find someone has cared for their grandparents, a member of their family is a carer, or they have touched upon it during other avenues of study or experience. Working as a carer is a truly rewarding job, and when people can see that, they pursue it to a greater degree.

However, when looking for a care job, it can be easy to think that you have missed the opportunity to build up relevant experience, or will have to dedicate time to achieving certain qualifications. While both of these things are always useful, they are not always necessary to enter into the care sector, and you might have more options available to you than you think.

Firstly, looking for a care assistant job in a residential care home is not the only way to find an entrance into working in the care sector. While they can be great places to work, home care providers and care at home agencies, such as Home Instead Reading, offer far more flexibility in working hours and greater benefits.

For example, Home Instead Reading can offer you the working hours that suit you best, and you have the opportunity to choose the area of care that you think you will most enjoy; not everyone is comfortable carrying out personal care after all. Home Instead Reading also offers generous holiday and mileage allowance, and comprehensive training.

Home care providers will often provide training to their CAREGivers as a ways to ensure they are always delivering the highest quality care, but you should not let that put you off, as no prior training or experience is required to take part in this. The one things that Home Instead values above all is the desire to help others, and kindness and compassion when you do so. We believe this is something that can shine through no matter what experience someone might have.

Once again, years of experience is not necessary, and at Home Instead we believe that there is the ability to be a CAREGiver inside almost anyone. If you enjoy meeting new people, and having interesting conversations, then a care job might be something you will love. If you like getting on with a few odd jobs around the house and cooking homemade meals, then you could be a great help to someone in their own home. If you work in a hospitality environment like a hotel or restaurant, then you are likely already more suited to becoming a CAREGiver than you might think.

The desire to help people is almost inherent in everyone, and becoming a CAREGiver can really help to show you that getting to know someone, and doing the littlest things for them can help in more ways than you know.

If you are thinking about becoming a carer, or are interested in a CAREGiver position with Home Instead Reading, you can call give us on 0118 909 9108.