A Story of a Client

I wrote this with Mr C today while making pen sketches of fairies and flowers, and writing cursive ... I just wanted to share.

He walked a military mile,
crossing borders and cultures.
He served his Queen on ground and air,
For the love of his country, He was there.

He's fallen in love and his world expanded,
it multiplied by five lives, a bit of him, a bit of his wife,
his family, his pride, the work of his life.

He's seen and done so much along the way,
and yet the memories fly around and flap,
like butterflies seeing a sobriety gap.

He's made a sport of doing sport,
seeking nothing more but joy in the act,
He’s spent his time to the fullest all the way,
and he's holds it with grace and pride to this very day.

Big things now escape his mind, small things become too large,
but as he sits here in his chair -
He knows he's not the one in charge.

His life, his service, his family and home,
all pull at his heartstrings ...
as his mind wanders and roams.

But me?

Oh, I see you Sir, I assure you of this,
I hear your story and listen, nothing I miss.
I learn about your life, fragmented and in a muddle,
and I puzzle the pieces together after a thoughtful cuddle,
to build your journey, and make a picture too,
as I stand in awe of you.

I see you Sir, I am honoured to be your companion today,
I smile and watch yours increase and grow, chasing a memory away
I know that you know,
That I see you Sir.

Thank you for having me in your home.