Personal Safety Alarms

Staying independent and living at home is the ideal scenario for many older people. But even the most careful among us can have accidents like falls or require medical support, and then need help. With our personal alarms from Taking Care, it means that Home Instead clients can have somebody on hand 24/7, not just for urgent incidents, but general health advice too. Loved ones don’t always have to be the go-to contact; emergency response teams are there to act quickly in case relatives can’t. It gives families the peace of mind to know that they aren’t the only ones on standby.

The older person’s home is fitted with an alarm unit, and they can wear an alarm button on a watch or pendant too. Whatever the time of day or night, and whatever room in the house they are, they’re just a button press away from a crucial helping hand.

How Personal Safety Alarms from Taking Care can help

The alarm system has dedicated teams to respond to specific queries:

24/7 help

If an emergency arises, the older person will be connected automatically to the Emergency Resolution Team at the touch of a button. The team knows straight away who they have been connected to, where they live, and their medical history. Using the loudspeaker, the team will give reassurance and call personal contacts or get emergency assistance if required.

24/7 medical support line

There is also a team of medical experts on hand for any health concerns. However big or small the query, qualified nurses will give advice and suggest whether to take it further.

Medical information service

Taking medication is a daily ritual for many older people. It can be confusing knowing the ins and outs of prescriptions, so Taking Care has a team of pharmacists ready to answer questions.

Extra sensors

Home Instead clients have the option to add sensors to their personal alarm service to detect issues in the house and flag to an emergency response team. Some of them automatically detect problems, perhaps even before the older person has realised themselves.

These sensors detect:

  • Falls
  • Bogus callers
  • Smoke
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Floods

Accidents happen, and sometimes issues with a house occur due to no fault of anyone’s. These extra sensors ensure that problems are spotted early on.

Installation is simple!

The alarm system is easy to install at home, and there is a technical team available for telephone support. But for any clients that would prefer an expert team to install it, there are some field installers available to set up, demonstrate and test the alarm for an additional fee.

An extra helping hand

Many of our clients have relatives who prioritise checking on vulnerable loved ones. But sometimes that isn’t enough. Taking Care ensures that at any time, an older person’s health and wellbeing is taken care of, and there are specialists on hand to call for help or simply give advice.

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