Senior Friendly Learning Classes In Norwich

Learn more about adult friendly activities in Norwich where you can pick up some extra skills or enjoy some time-out

Norwich Pottery Studio

Where:Art Academy East, Sapphire House, Roundtree Way, Sprowston

Pottery is something for all ages. You are able to create unique pieces to adorn in your home. You can learn new skills, re visit old hobbies or just find it a mindful and enjoyable experience.

This pottery studio it is led by experienced and talented staff and is in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. They also have a studio coffee bar which serves hot and cold drinks and some delicious cakes.

Did you know Pottery helps you to express your creativity, which is essentially to expand who we are and how we connect to ourselves and the environment. It’s a good way for people of all ages to explore the things they can do. Pottery can help exercise your hands, arms and wrists, and for older adults with arthritis this can promote dexterity and joint movement.

Norwich Pottery studio have courses that run in the day and the evening.

Norwich Men’s Shed

Where: 47-51 Pitt Street, Anglia Square

Why not join the Men’s shed in Norwich. The Men’s shed are a skills sharing cooperative and offers community workshop space for men to socialise and learn new skills, addressing key issues around wellbeing, social isolation and loneliness.

Some of the activities include woodwork and wood tuning which can help with developing practical skills whilst having a social at the same time.

Men’s Sheds offer community spaces for men to connect, converse and create. “Shedding” is a grassroots movement; each Shed is set up by and for their community and operates independently with differing offers and activities according to local need.

The aim of the Men’s shed is to enhance the wellbeing of males in Norwich. Over the years, Norwich Men’s Shed has grown from a small club with a handful of members into a popular, respected and well-known local charity that actively works with other charities and community projects in the area.

Local History Study Group

Where:Dragon Hall, 115-123 King Street, Norwich NR1 1QE

Interested in the History of Norwich? This local history group are providing an informal and friendly forum to discuss local history from the earliest times to today which is largely related to the King Street area. The area is rich in historical material, from Jurnet’s house (aka Wensum Lodge) to Julian of Norwich to Boulton and Paul’s works. It has been researched and written about extensively over many decades so there is a lot of material available but most of us are only aware of small parts of it.

The aim of these groups are to bring some material to light and build  up a corpus of knowledge and references related to the area.

They meet monthly in the Dragon Hall on Kings Street in Norwich for 90 minutes. There is no formal membership or subscription and they are open to anyone interested in the history of this area and Norwich generally.

Needlecraft in Eaton

Where: Eaton Community Centre, South Park Avenue, Norwich, NR4 7AZ

On the second and fourth Friday of the month from 2pm-4pm there is a Needlecraft session held at the Eaton community centre in Norwich.

They are a friendly group who get together to share skills whilst doing the needlecraft and having a social.

Did you know, Many seniors have limited mobility and are unable to do general physical activity. When that is the case, needlework can assist in maintaining proper eye-hand coordination as it allows the brain and hands to work together on a task. This helps to maintain fine motor functionality in their hands and fingers

It is important, as we get older to continue to enjoy the things we like doing and improve our skills where we can.

Continually learning new things can reduce the risk of cognitive decline. It can improve our memory and how our brain processes information. It also may help you cope better with age-related brain changes and reduce the severity of brain diseases or injuries. Therefore, older adults need to keep both the body and mind active and healthy. You can find more adult friendly activity groups here

Home Instead Norwich can help by providing transportation to different activity groups whilst providing companionship during your stay. If you would like further information on the support we can provide, contact our office on 01603 963317 or visit out website here