Celebrating Maureen: A Heartfelt Farewell to a Treasured Care Professional

Join us at our blog as Chris, the owner of Home Instead Norwich, pays tribute to Maureen, a dedicated Care Professional who has made a lasting impact on the local community

Hello, I’m Chris,

the owner of Home Instead Norwich, and today at our blog I’d like to share a special story about a valued member of our team, Maureen, who is retiring after 8 years of remarkable service with us.

Maureen’s journey in the care sector began in 1987, and over the years, she demonstrated unwavering commitment and passion in various care settings, from community to residential and hospital environments. Her experience covered a wide range of client groups, including older adults, mental health, and learning disabilities.

However, when Maureen initially retired the quiet home life wasn’t quite for her; she missed the fulfilment that comes from supporting others. That’s when she found her way to Home Instead. We’re proud that she often reflects on her time with us and shares that out of all the places she’s worked in the care sector, Home Instead has been the best experience. 

The impact Maureen has had on our clients is immeasurable.

Her days were filled with significant moments – from guiding clients through reablement exercises to sharing a dance, enjoying countless cups of tea, and engaging in heartfelt conversations. The relationships she’s built will leave fond memories both for her and the clients she’s served.

One of the most touching testaments to Home Instead’s supportive and rewarding work environment is Maureen’s recommendation for her own daughter-in-law to join our team. This speaks volumes and reflects the positive culture we strive to nurture within our family of Care Professionals.

During her time with us, when Maureen has faced a challenge, it’s the support and camaraderie of the team, standing shoulder to shoulder with her, which she has valued immensely. We’ve celebrated successes, worked through hurdles, and above all, we’ve grown together as a company unified by a common purpose – to enhance the lives of older adults.

On her last day, we presented Maureen with flowers, a card, and chocolates – small tokens to say a big thank you. Maureen isn’t just a member of staff; she’s a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration to us all. Her popularity amongst clients and colleagues alike is a testament to her character and commitment.

Home Instead Norwich Thanking Maureen

While Maureen will be missed by all of us, the legacy of her care and compassion will remain a part of our team at Home Instead in Norwich. We wish her the very best in her retirement, knowing that the difference she has made is truly irreplaceable. Thank you Maureen.

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