Funding crisis in Elderly Care ?

Rochelle Monte has worked for a number of care providers she now works for our office in Newcastle. Rochelle has campaigned for a number years to increase the quality of care available and to increase funding in the Social Care System.

Rochelle was used as a Case Study within an article which highlighted the funding crisis in elderly care. Rochelle said:

Case Study: NOWHERE are cuts to social care funding felt more keenly than among the home carer workers battling to maintain elderly people’s quality of life.

Hard working Rochelle Monte, 39, a married mum-of-three, from Newcastle, is one such carer. Over 20 years in the industry she has seen local government budgets slashed and witnessed the effect it has had on elderly people relying on it.

She said: “Over the past four or five years I have seen a huge decrease in the quality of care provided. You might find a carer has four 15-minute calls in an hour, but they might be miles between each other, so they end up having to steal time from these people to get there. You cannot provide dignified care in that time.”

Six months ago Rochelle stopped working for firms which take on council contracts, and moved to Home Instead Senior Care, an independent provider which has minimum one-hour care slots. Rochelle says having time to spend with her clients, for the first time in her career, has made a huge difference. She added: “We have the time to build up relationships with the people we are working with.

“I have never worked anywhere people are so happy and content and it is because of the minimum one-hour slots they provide the time to build those relationships.”

Home Instead are on a mission to change the face of aging we will never carry out a call less than one hour in duration. Not only does this mean the client has a better service and experience but the CAREgiver is given the time to make a difference.

The full article in the Sunday post is available to view on the below link

A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home