The Story of Peter the Budgie

"Peter the budgie" belonged to a client; however, he lived alone and sadly became unwell. Peter was the client's companion, and the CAREGivers visiting became ever-present in both the client’s and Peter's life. Over time, the CAREGivers would feed Peter, make sure he had fresh water, and generally chat to the budgie while caring for the client. Sadly, Peter's owner was taken poorly and went into hospital. During this time, the CAREGivers continued to go into the home and make sure Peter was looked after and have everything he needed. The client's hospital stay became longer than expected and the family asked if anyone would like to have Peter temporarily at home with them, as they knew the budgie would be missing his human companion.

CAREGiver Carole fostered Peter and looked after him whilst his owner remained in hospital. Unfortunately, Peter's owner never returned home and sadly passed away. Peter's future was cast into doubt as those close to the client all had family pets and were worried about the dynamics of having a bird and cat, for example. Subsequently, the family asked if we had a CAREGiver who wanted to adopt Peter and our CAREGiver Georgia said yes without hesitation. Being part of the client's regular team, Georgia struck a strong relationship with both the client and Peter, spending many visits entertaining and caring for them.

eter now lives happily at Georgia's home and has since befriended another budgie named Sullivan. The client’s family can now rest assured, knowing that Peter is in a happy home, having a companion for life, in Georgia.