Care Quality Commission - Gold Star!

The way we deliver care and the way we train our staff is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  The CQC have rights of access to all our information and processes for providing care, at any time, with no prior warning of their visit. One sunny September morning, the door to the office opened and the CQC Inspector walked in!

After two days of rigorous checking, interviews and visits to staff and clients, we are immensely proud to receive the equivalent of a gold star from CQC - we are “Fully Compliant” in all outcome areas with “No Concerns” raised about our care whatsoever.

Some of the comments contained within the CQC report (available here: are as follows:-

  • “The girls are here on time, every time. I know them all – I have a team of 4 / 5 care workers and they are regulars. I have no problems whatsoever”
  • One person said;  “These girls know what they are doing. They are first class”.
  • “My carer always closes the bathroom door whilst I have a bath. It is private and more dignified”
  • “The carers are wonderful and they always ask me what I want them to do”
  • Carers are polite and always address people by their preferred name.
  • The agency either visits or telephones to discuss the care being delivered and whether it continues to meet the client's needs
  • Records show that the agency had received no complaints over the last year.
  • “Without doubt, I am treated as an individual. (My care worker) understands me and what help I need”

Please contact Home Instead at any time should you require a paper copy of our CQC Report, we will gladly post or deliver one to you.  Call us on 01782 622330 at any time - or simply walk in to our office!!