Get Gardening!

July sees the return of the Home Instead national sponsorship of Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh on ITV starting Tuesday 13th. In a special edition of the show, the team transform a narrow backyard in London for charity worker Maxine, and a tiny garden for a family of five in Kent. Throughout the programme, the team demonstrate that, with the right design, plants and a succession of tips, tricks, clever ideas, small outdoor spaces can be made to look and feel much bigger.

Our article in the July/August edition of RG10 magazine (dropping through the doors or available to pick up to everyone in the RG10 postcode area), centres on the joy of gardening, not matter what age you are and how, with a few tweaks and tips, we can continue gardening throughout "older" age.

We are also giving away a box of sensory seed kits to those who get in touch. These kits include Lavender (smell), Greater Quaking Grass (sound), Spearmint (taste), Sunflowers (sight) and Silver Sage (touch) which are fantastic for those living with a sensory loss, dementia or just want to enjoy beautiful plants! If you would like to be a lucky recipient of a box, which will be awarded on a first come first served basis get in touch by calling 01628 299 097 or email [email protected]

So get out there and enjoy whatever garden space, private, shared or window box you have and Love Your Garden!
home instead love your garden gardening seed kit