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Top 10 Dementia stimulating and engaging activities

For seniors coping with dementia, one of the greatest frustrations is the inability to do activities they once loved. It is common for someone to withdraw from social activities that are perhaps too stimulating. It is important to figure out ways to engage and interact with someone with dementia and focus on areas that they would enjoy and have fun with! Here are my top 10 activities that will stimulate the brain!

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care pro relax

Self-care tips for Care Professionals

As ‘Carers’, we understand that caring for someone and putting their needs first is a part of your nature. People often mistake disregarding their own needs as what is needed to care for someone else, which can often lead to depriving their well-being. Here are some ‘Self-care’ tips for caregivers on how to best support your well-being.

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family Easter

Eater-themed activities for seniors!

With Easter happening this month, this is the perfect time to engage in some Easter home activities with your loved ones or clients.

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How to communicate with aging parents

When speaking with parents about major life changes, it can be extremely difficult to have an open, two-way conversation. Here are some ways that may make it easier for you to approach the conversations and engage in productive communication between you and your ageing parents.

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senior enjoying a meal

How to stimulate a senior's appetite

Getting seniors who have no appetite to eat can be a challenge. This can be a factor of aging as lifestyle changes can cause a senior to lose their eating habits over time. Sometimes simple changes can make a significant difference.

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Senior celebrating Valentines day

How to care for a Senior around Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day being around the corner, we understand that it can become an increasingly difficult holiday for seniors to celebrate. For those who live alone or far away from family, Valentine’s Day could bring up feelings of isolation and loneliness for many different reasons. What can be done to make a senior feel less lonely? We find it important to try and fill the day with love, happy memories, and fun distractions!

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5 Scams - Tips and tricks to protect our Seniors

What is a scam? A scam is a form of misleading and cheating people out of their own money. Scammers tend to see the seniors as an easy target and for that reason will try and target them yearly. 38% of all fraud cases were found to be targets of the elderly. As a guardian or carer, you can help the seniors in your life avoid fraud and financial scams through starting a conversation about common cons and ways that they can protect themselves. Here are 5 scams to watch out for and tips to help overcome these in the future.

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Firework distress for seniors and those living with dementia

Firework distress! Top tips for supporting seniors

Firework distress for seniors and those living with dementia. How you can support someone to feel at ease throughout the festivities.

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Autumn Activities

Autumn Activities for Seniors

With Autumn well and truly upon us it’s great to enjoy the positives it brings. To celebrate the season, we’ve put together some joyful and engaging activities with an autumnal theme to them.

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Home Instead Memory Walk

£647 raised for Alzheimer's Society #memorywalk

Our team here at Home Instead raised £647 for Alzheimer's Society on the 19th of September with a local Memory Walk at Stockwood Park, Luton.

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Falls prevention

Prevent your loved one from falls. Our top tips!

It's 'Falls Prevention Awareness Week' and we'd like to share with you our top tips on supporting a loved one to prevent falls.

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boots uk

Home Instead UK partner with Boots

Finding home care isn’t an easy journey for everyone, so we’re delighted to make it a simpler process along with Boots. Home Instead UK is the first home care company to be featured on the Boots Health Hub.

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