How to care for a Senior around Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day being around the corner, we understand that it can become an increasingly difficult holiday for seniors to celebrate. For those who live alone or far away from family, Valentine’s Day could bring up feelings of isolation and loneliness for many different reasons.

What can be done to make a senior feel less lonely? We find it important to try and fill the day with love, happy memories, and fun distractions!

 Set up a virtual call

For those far away who can’t pop over for Valentine’s Day, connect with them online via Zoom or Facetime.  To keep the Valentines theme going, you could play a game with the family as a way of keeping your loved one engaged. Play ‘name that tune’ with old love songs. A simple check on a senior who may be feeling lonely that day will keep them positive.

Send/Create Valentine’s day card

A super simple but grand reminder to tell someone you appreciate them! Sending a Valentine’s card can boost moods especially for a senior who may have lost a loved one. It will make them feel appreciated. If you are visiting a senior around the celebration, creating Valentine’s cards to send to other family members can keep their mind busy through spreading the love.

Bake together

Valentine’s day is renowned for tasty treats, and what better way to celebrate than by making cookies or other treats together? A Valentines sweet treat designed for this season is dipping strawberries into melted chocolate; this can be an activity that can be done together. If you’re looking more for savoury, get creative with your loved one and make heart shaped sandwiches with a heart cookie cutter to keep the theme going.

Take your loved ones out!

It’s important to remember that Valentine’s Day could potentially be a highly emotional day for your loved ones. A day out with them to focus on a hobby that they enjoy such as golf or afternoon tea can be a fun way to get them out of the house and make some memories on a day that may be hard for some people to cope with. This could even be just a walk in the park visiting family.


Looking at photos from their past time together can be a meaningful way to spend Valentine’s. If your loved one is happy to reminisce, ask questions about how they met their partner, and what a typical Valentine’s Day looked like. Talking with a senior about past life can encourage feelings of happiness, however it is important to remember to let them lead the conversation and if it becomes too much for your loved one, they will know when to be able to stop.  

senior celebrating

If you feel a loved one may benefit from support at home such as companionship, then please go to the ‘Home Care Services’ tab at the top of this page and read about the range of services we at Home Instead can provide. We pride ourselves on the extra measures we put in place to ensure our clients safety.

Happy Valentine’s Day!