Eater-themed activities for seniors!

With Easter happening this month, this is the perfect time to engage in some Easter home activities with your loved ones or clients. Organising fun activities will stimulate seniors to be creative with their hobbies and positively impact their well-being by creatively getting involved in opportunities to explore new skills. Here are 7 Easter-themed activities to bring some fun to the seniors you look after!


Easter Bonnets

Easter bonnets are a Christian Tradition, where many people around Easter will create a new and fancy bonnet to wear. Allowing a senior to create a bonnet will give them a chance to feel independent. A few arts and crafts products such as glue sticks, chicks, flowers, and coloured paper can be used for the decoration around the hat!

Easter egg decorating

This easily organised activity is simple! Boil some eggs and allow your loved ones to be creative with their designs! If the senior is struggling to think creatively, you can use a white crayon and create some designs such as bunnies and butterflies for them to then colour in. Let their imagination go wild with pens and paint to celebrate Easter.

Easter egg hunt

Having a chocolate Easter egg hunt is a great way to get your loved one or client to be more mobile. This is because it is encouraging movement in a fun and engaging activity where a senior would feel more stimulated to move. Hide Easter eggs around a particular room in their house and encourage family members to also join to create an exciting atmosphere for your loved one. Buy a large Easter egg for the winner to create a friendly competition!

Design Easter cards

Thinking about loved ones and encouraging writing can help stimulate a senior’s memory. Set out different coloured pieces of paper and Easter-themed stickers to create arts and crafts sessions. That way your loved one will feel like they are doing something special and independently for the people they love.

Bake Easter cookies and cakes

Bake some sweet treats in the shape of Easter Bunnies and eggs! Make your own icing for different colours to be put onto the Easter treats. Baking is great for seniors as it is a fully immersive experience that can engage all their senses and can be a very therapeutic activity for them to engage in. Baking with an Easter theme can shed new light on baking with a special occasion in mind.

Visit the local farm

Lambs and bunnies are traditional animals associated with Easter and visiting a local farm would be a fantastic trip out for a senior to celebrate Easter.  It has been said that animals can help reduce stress and increase social interaction!

Easter-Themed Bingo!

Why not get a friendly competition going with an Easter-themed bingo! This is a perfect game to get seniors involved as there are no letters or numbers, just pictures to encourage their imagination. There are several free printouts online of Easter themed bingo for you to choose from. I have attached a link to save you looking

We hope you all have a Happy Easter!

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