Review from J I (Husband of Client) 

The Home Instead caregiver came into our lives when my partner's dementia was increasing rapidly and soon became more like a friend arriving on time five mornings each week and taking some of the early morning stress of washing, dressing and breakfast off my shoulders. He was able to distract my partner 
when he was being difficult and finding ways to help him relax. He was also a great help and guide to me because of his own knowledge of my partner's cruel and distressing condition.

Please thank all the lovely CAREGivers who I believe made my wife’s last few weeks at home happier with their kind and patient help. ’’

A.F., Brother of Client

The service which was for my handicapped sister and has been exemplary. All of various carers went beyond the pale and made her life much more interesting and easier. Cannot fault the service from this company.

I.M., Brother of Client

I found Home Instead (Luton & Central Beds) to be very good with her care for the last 18 months. She really enjoyed the company of the carers and they never let us down, always in attendance. I would recommend them to anyone who needs care at home. Unfortunately, my sister has a fractured hip and has 
to go into respite care in a nursing home.

W.P., Client

I am more than happy with the help I've received from Home Instead over the last four weeks or so and would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone. All matters, however trivial, are handled with the utmost efficiency and courtesy. The whole team of carers are wonderful ladies. They have such 
a lovely manner - most respectful, caring, kind, thoughtful, helpful, patient and so willing. I look forward to their visits with a great deal of pleasure. They are so sincere. Thank you Home Instead.

D.W., Client's son-in-law

I write to thank you on behalf of the family for the tremendous support given to my mother-in-law by your team over the past 3 weeks in particular. This has been a difficult time for my mother-in-law and has included a visit to A&E in the middle of the night. All of this has been in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated lockdown. It would have been impossible for her to have received better care during this time and I write to express our appreciation.

R.V., Client's wife

My husband and I are very happy with the care given by all the staff at Home Instead. They are a very reliable company making life so much easier for my husband and me.
The carers are particularly easy to get along with and are efficiently caring.

D.K., client's daughter

With warm regards to all of you that have been involved in my father's care, albeit for a short while. The love and care that has been shown towards my father has been something that both my sister and I will never forget. You have all allowed us to fulfil my father's wishes to be at home and be with both my sister and myself during his last days.

J.T., Client's daughter

Mum had had a very healthy life until August 2018. So at the great age of 87 she need some reliable extra support for confidence and company. Home Instead have been courteous, kind and helpful, and were just what we needed.


Mum often talked about you and your daughter and I thank you for the friendship you gave to mum. You like others in your organisation helped mum to live longer in her own home giving her independence that she enjoyed. Without this she would have needed to go into a home, that I know she did not want, as she was a very family person so moving with us she really enjoyed her last months. We had many laughs right up to the end she was happy.

I will never forget what you gave to Mum so many thanks.

S.F., client's daughter

The carers were very kind and friendly. They made my mum's last years more pleasant by giving us a break and providing another dimension for her. Thank you.

B.G., client's daughter

Thank you to everyone who was involved in my mum's care, it was great to be able to trust you all implicitly with her care and her home. I wish you all the happiness you deserve for your kindness.

Mrs C.H., client's daughter

Excellent seems such a nondescript word to use to describe the quality of care provided by the team of Home Instead in Luton.

After Mum - his full time carer - became unwell and was moved into a nursing home, we had no alternative but to look for daily help for Dad. At the grand old age of 92, things were becoming quite a challenge for him at times.

We used the services of two other companies before we were recommended to Home Instead - what a relief when they took over.

The Carers were full of humanity - each were caring, compassionate and incredibly supportive - not just towards Dad but to the whole family. Despite the fact that Dad couldn't remember their names - we know that he looked forward to their visits - along with the daily banter and chatter.

Towards the end of his life, Dad's health had started to deteriorate. His wonderful Carers were so attentive and receptive to changes in his day-to-day health, that he always received the best medical interventions to make sure that he was comfortable at all times.

Sadly Dad has now passed away - but we remain forever thankful to all the smiling faces of his Carers.

S.E., CAREGiver who had to leave

Just a little note to say a huge thank you for being the best place I have ever worked. During my time at Home Instead I have made many friends with colleagues and clients and has taught me that this is the path for me. Please keep the door open for me when my children are at school. Keep up the fabulous work you do. I will miss you all very much.

Jane B., client's daughter

As a family we had provided 24 hour care for mum for six years. As she became more disorientated and frail we began to struggle. After looking at residential care I didn't think mum would cope with so many people around. Home Instead really reassured us that with their help we would cope with her staying at home. Straight away they got to really know mum and her needs so it was with relief that we were able to step back from some of the harder care needs and concentrate on making her last few months full of love in calm surroundings. I can't thank then enough. Dignified and respectful care.


I would like to express my own thank you for all the care and friendship which you and all your staff show to my sister and me . Each of your carers brought their own strengths and personalities and they always come with a smile.


Mum gets great care and I know she is being looked after well.

Mrs D.S., client's daughter

The lovely ladies from Home Instead have been caring for my dad for the last 3 months. They are friendly, warm, receptive and nothing is too much trouble. My dad is extremely happy with the service provided and looks forward to the visits. We would happily recommend this company to anyone interested in this service provision. Thank you.

J.T., client's son

I must thank you and the entire team for giving us back my dad, your CAREGivers have brought him back to life when I’d almost given up.

The depth of quality, customer service, punctuality, care and respect displayed across the team at all levels of contact is unbelievable. Must give you a great deal of pride.


Everything with our Care Package is working really well and I feel I can rely on Home Instead Senior Care. The service has given me peace of mind. The care provided is excellent and I really appreciate the help given during times of crisis!

A&D, Luton

Dear Maria - thank you and all your staff for thinking of us at Christmas and for the lovely pen you sent. Thank you all for the good care we have received during the past year - we know how busy you all are, but we have never been forgotten.


May I take this opportunity to pass on heartfelt thanks to Kelly Kerrigan for the kindess, patience and professionalism she has shown to my Dad and I, since we have enlisted the services of your Company. Nothing has been too much trouble or beyond our requests. The carers are lovely who bring their own personalities and warmth into our home, cheering Dad and keeping him stimulated as much as you can for a nearly 83 year old, post stroke victim, for that we are extremely grateful. Suzy

Mr S.M.

I had another care organisation before HISC and without a doubt, your services, your CAREGivers and your professionalism is brilliant. I am confident and happy with all your staff and the managers are so approachable and supportive. I have recommended you to lots of people I speak to.

Mrs D. daughter of Mrs M.

The service you provide our mother is great and we dont know how we would have coped over the last few months without HISC input and support. My mother likes all the CAREGivers that she sees and we are looking at extending the care to more days a week.

Ms D.F.

My mother is looking so well thanks to you all at Home Instead. I think we will need your help more than ever now. With grateful thanks as always,

Mrs S.C.

My father's Dementia is getting more progressive and I need to move him closer to me in the next 6 months. I will use home instead near me to continue his care as you have all been so kind to him and I am very grateful for the brilliant and caring service he has received.

Mr M.H.

I find your services invaluable and Ilove all the CAREGivers that we send. They are caring, professional and I have recommended us to others.

Mr and Mrs H., Westoning

Thank you so much for all you do for both of us - including our daily visits, your support with shopping and contact with the other professionals involved with our care as well as getting us organised for our holidays which can be daunting now that I am a wheelchair user - you all help and I don't know what we would do without you.

A.F., Luton

Please thank your staff for me as they are doing a brilliant job and have made such a difference to my Mum and my Sister and my peace of mind.  

G.J. & C.P.

 We are writing on behalf of all the family to express our gratitude for the way you and your staff cared for our mum, over the last year or so.We all send our sincere thanks for the excellent care you provided along with very personalised consideration for the way you often found mum to be. She got to know many of you so well and often mentioned you individually by name with fondness.

Ms L.B.

I am very glad that I found you and your team to help out; it has certainly given me some peace of mind and is helping to keep my father's recovery on track. Thank you all very much.  


Dear Maria Home Instead at all time combined efficient, reliable and professional care with a very kind and personal approach-being a friend rather than simply a provider. In addition, we particularly valued the resourcefulness and responsiveness when problems arose or events became unpredictable. You and your staff were always ready to go the extra mile-over and above the call of duty. So this letter brings warmest thanks to you all your team. Kind Regards.


Dear Maria Collins I would personally like to thank the staff who cared for my Father Mr NL of Dunstable, they were fantastic. Yours sincerely.

Mr S.W.

Home Instead at all times combined efficient, reliable and professional care with a very kind and personal approach-being a friend rather than simply a provider. In addition, we particularly valued the resourcefulness and responsiveness when problems arose or became unpredicted. You and your staff were always ready to go the extra mile-over and above the call of duty.

Maureen, client's daughter, Wootton

Thank you to Home Instead for helping my mother to stay as long as possible in her own home. You have been professional at all times, and punctual and kind. You have taken on dealing with practical problems in our absence, which were way beyond your remit, and delivered a first class service.  

H.M., client's daughter

I am very grateful for you help with my mother and thank you for your patience in the very difficult circumstances we found ourselves.

Client's daughter-in-law

I have just received a call from a client’s daughter in law, who wanted to personally praise the Office staff and CAREGivers who cared for her mother-in-law. She was so grateful that we stayed with her when she needed us the most, waiting for an ambulance and putting in extra visits last minute to support her and the family before she was readmitted. She is overwhelmed by the kindness and support shown, and wanted to call to say thank you for everything Home Instead have done the past few weeks. She could have not managed through if it wasn’t for us as she isn’t local herself and the client's daughter is in Spain.

J.S., client's daughter

If in the future mum requires care we would not hesitate in contacting Home Instead as we have found your service excellent and your CAREGivers have been wonderful!

We would especially like to mention with great thanks to Debbie, Dawn and Cornelia who have given exceptional service and are a credit to your organisation.

Many thanks for all your help with both my parents.

J.H., client's daughter

Can I just take this opportunity to say how fantastic you have all been, 100% contributing to mum’s quality of life while you have been with her.

M.L., client's daughter

My mother is very happy with the care she has received. She fully appreciates the CAREGiver's hard work and commitment. She absolutely loves her carer who is organised, very supportive and very much attention to detail. In my opinion, this is the best I have seen my Mum. Clean, fresh and well cared for in a long time.

K.P., Client's husband

Very helpful and considerate to my wife. Support very helpful.

L.J., Client

I look forward to the carers coming in, who invariably are willing to go the extra mile.

A.G., Client's son

Our needs have been very basic at this time for my father who needs help with his morning shower. The carer arrived on time and carries out the role well. My father has dementia so the same carer arriving each planned day help him to know his carer.

J.G., Client's daughter

We had home Instead for my mum about two-and-a-half months ago purely for a bit of social interaction and company. Since then my mum has been hospitalised several times with Home Instead alerting me to situations that they considered warranted a paramedic. I do not live with my mum and they have become totally indispensable in supporting me in carrying on with my full-time work. Mum recently had a mini stroke and Home Instead supported us both brilliantly I have grown to rely on them, always finding them trustworthy, empathetic but above all professional.

S.F., Client's daughter

We use Home Instead for companionship for my 91-year-old mother. The agency has always been professional and caring and made sure the carer were introduced before the recommended. The carers have only been kind and considerate and have taken great care of mum. We are very impressed with Home Instead.

S.P., Client's daughter

We have been using Home Instead for mum's care since June 2019. Mum was allocated and introduced to a team of caregivers from the beginning although there have been a few changes to her team as her care needs have changed, she has now been settled with her team for some considerable time. Her caregivers are all extremely professional and caring. They treat mum with respect and dignity at all times making her feel comfortable whatever the situation. They have all got to know mum and her little ways and what she likes and dislikes. As a family, we are extremely happy with the care and affection that mum receives. I would also like to thank all the office staff as they are always available to answer any questions I have and I am always kept informed of any slight changes that may occur.
While the cost may be a little more expensive than some other homecare agencies I am a great believer in you get what you pay for and we are happy in knowing mum is in good and caring hands from all her team.

D.H., CAREGiver

When I started I was very new to the field but the company (office staff and carers) made me feels so comfortable. I love the job and I love my clients, they are all so sweet and I am open to learning and exploring more. I can say this is the best job I have ever had and the best company to work for.

J B Daughter of Client

All of our dealings with Home Instead have been kind, caring and respectful whether it is the person who answers the phone or the carers who visited. The care and attention my dad receives was professional and friendly, plus trustworthy. We used the sitting service and the carer always turned up on