The 17th- 23rd February was #Randomactsofkindnessweek and our staff were keen to mark the occasion with some lovely gestures of kindness. 

Our Care Coordiantor, Cal, was going through some old things when she came across a pancake maker. She remembered how our Community Liaison, Taylor, had mentioned how much her young daughter loved pancakes. Cal decided to bring the pancake maker into work as a #randomactofkindness!

Our Care Quality Compliance Lead, Caroline, came into work to find a mysterious dosette box on her desk. On closer inspection, each of the sections was filled with sweets and chocolate! Alongside, was a note that read... "To Caz... The secret to a happy workplace is having awesome colleagues like you... Open the dosette box each day to reveal your message!" The culprit for this lovely #randomactofkindness was our Care Manager, Zoey! 

Our Franchise Owner, Jan, also made some delicious cakes for the office staff to enjoy! 

After one of our clients returned from the dentist, she was craving a very specific Thai Chicken soup... CAREGiver, Ann, searched every shop, but could not find this specific soup anywhere! Later that day, Ann mentioned to another client how she had been searching for this soup, but had been unsuccessful... Just as Ann was leaving, the client went into the kitchen and returned with the exact soup Ann had been searching for! The client gifted Ann the soup, and she then passed it onto her soup craving client - making her day! 

Did you do any #randomactsofkindess of your own? We'd love to hear about them. Tag us on social media and use #randomactsofkindnessweek! 

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