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Buying, setting up and learning how to use a tablet sounds daunting to some elderly people. But the Home Instead tablet, powered by Breezie, removes the clutter and jargon involved when getting to grips with a new device. The tablet comes ready to use, with no need to create accounts, remember passwords, or download applications.

Fully personalised, the tablet makes it easy for the user to access what they want from a device, whether that’s keeping in touch with family or surfing the web. No unnecessary applications are included; the elderly person has all they need from the internet in one simple device.

What does the Home Instead tablet offer?

The platform operates on an Android tablet, and enables users to stay closer to the people they love and do the activities they enjoy, including:

Keeping in touch with loved ones:

  • Free video calls
  • Sending emails
  • Sharing photos

Watching, reading and listening:

  • Films and TV programmes
  • Books and news
  • Music, radio and podcasts

Internet browsing:

  • Shopping
  • Banking
  • Information searching

What does personalisation mean?

We’re all different. What one person wants from a tablet isn’t the same as another. We speak to the user to understand their interests and daily routine, before personalising the tablet to suit the individual. Our team will ask about…

Hobbies and interests

For clients into baking, we can give them access to new recipes they can try. For avid football fans, we can set up the tablet to keep them updated on the scores. And those who want to keep on top of the news can have their newspaper of choice at the forefront of the device.


Whether clients unwind by reading, playing games, or watching TV, we install the software they need to do this easily.


Once we have the names and email addresses of friends and family, we add it to an address book. We create an email address, Skype or Facebook account for clients that don’t have one already, and ensure that they can easily use it on the device.


Whether you’re a regular online shopper or still learning, we make it easy for you to order the food, clothes and other items that you need.


As more of us turn to web as a source of health advice, clients can have easy access to daily tips and exercise videos that enable them to take care of their own wellbeing.

What support do I receive?

Getting to grips with a new piece of technology can be difficult to some. And even competent technology users might wonder if they’re making full use of the features and functions. That’s why we give you a year of free service and support, which includes…

Freephone support line

We have a friendly team on hand to help with any problems, every weekday from 9am-6pm.

Orientation sessions

All users are entitled to a 30 minute demonstration to help them find their feet.

Family hub

Users can nominate somebody to add and remove applications from the tablet. They can do this online, without a Home Instead tablet of their own

Quick start guide

We send guides to help users get started. This teaches how to do things like use a touch-screen keyboard and charge the device.

Help guides and videos

Our materials also teach how to use specific features and functions, such as the camera.

Getting started…

Users of the Home Instead tablet can do as much or as little with it as they choose. For some, it might be a tool to keep in touch with loved ones, and to others, it could be the enabler of daily activity. We reflect this in each device we give clients, and even offer data plans to those without internet access. All clients have to do is tell us what they want from the tablet, and we give them the device that makes life easier and more enjoyable for them.

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