Safe Home Alert

Living at home for as long as possible is how many of us hope our later years to be. But even with carers and loved ones paying regular visits, it’s difficult to ensure that the elderly are safe and well at all times. Safe Home Alert is a suite of discrete sensors that helps give families reassurance that their elderly relatives are going about their usual routine, flagging if there is ever a cause for concern.

Smart but subtle devices are fitted throughout the person’s home, which are connected to the Safe Home Alert solution. It tracks movement in the home and monitors the use of appliances such as kettles. The system learns what a normal day looks like, notifying the person’s Care Pros and family if anything that isn’t the norm occurs. For example, if the person hasn’t got out of bed at their usual time, those with access to the solution will be alerted on their smartphones, enabling them to act quick.

How can Safe Home Alert sensors help?

Safe Home Alert monitors the daily activities that the elderly person, and their family, want to be tracked, including:

  • Movement in the home: Sensors raise an alert if it appears a person has fallen or become immobile in high risk areas like the bathroom. It can also establish if the client is doing anything dangerous like going downstairs multiple times at night. Door sensors indicate if a door has been open for too long, ensuring that the person is safe at all times.
  • Monitor hydration and nutrition: Smart plugs and fridge door sensors on kitchen appliances will monitor when they have been used. It’s particularly important to track the eating and drinking habits of elderly people with dementia, since they can easily forget to do daily activities like this. Loved ones and Care Pros can step in and encourage the person to eat and drink before they become malnourished or dehydrated.

How is Safe Home Alert installed?

Our partnership with Anthropos gives us access to their Connected Care Platform. That means that we use technology and software offered by a trusted provider, and tailor it to individual client needs.

We have a team of expert installers who speak to clients and their families to find a convenient time to set up the technology in the home. Devices are attached with removable stick-on-tabs and smart plug sensors are powered through existing sockets. For that reason, there is no damage to the home and no wiring gets in the way. It’s easy to forget that the devices are even there.

All of the data is kept secure by Anthropos, so clients and their families needn’t worry about information going further than themselves or Home Instead. Having to upkeep the equipment isn’t a concern either – replacing batteries is the only maintenance that might be required, but Home Instead will be alerted if this occurs, and come to sort it out.

Peace of mind for everyone

Busy lives make it difficult to know the wellbeing of elderly relatives 24/7. Thanks to Safe Home Alert, missing vital information on a loved one’s welfare, and being too slow to act when emergencies arise, can be a thing of the past. And Care Pros can use the intelligence from the platform to develop a care package that matches the individual’s needs. Just as importantly, the elderly person can maintain their independence while keeping safe.