Maintaining your independence and peace of mind

Age Well

Many older people feel fit and well for their age. They like being independent and the idea of staying active, while you want to be sure they can look after themselves now and into the future. Which is exactly what our Home Independence service does.

Home Independence means staying connected and safe

Maintaining independence and quality of life is one of the keys to ageing well, and enables people to enjoy their later years to the full. With today’s technology designed to help people stay healthy at home, look after mental wellbeing and look forward to active ageing, it’s easier than ever – while offering families the reassurance that their loved ones are connected and safe, 24 hours a day

How Home Independence works

This service uses a range of technology to monitor loved one’s health at home and keep them connected, while giving you the reassurance that they’re safe and well in a variety of ways. From scheduled calls to check in on loved ones to support getting them up and running with digital technology to stay connected with the family.

Of course, everyone’s needs are different – so the various elements can be tailored for a more individual and personal service.

How Home Independence is enhanced by technology

We believe that while technology will never replace the human touch, it can improve peoples' lives. It can help older people stay connected and in touch with their family and friends around the world, as well as providing the peace of mind that they’re safe in their homes, 24 hours a day. Find out more about how we use technology here.

Maintain your independence at home

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