Home Care for cancer patients

Is one of your elderly family members affected by cancer? Are you looking into options to provide care at home for your loved one? One of the services we provide here at Home Instead is health care for cancer patients. When it comes to cancer, we can support our clients and their friends and family in a number of ways.

Providing person-centric care

"To us, it's personal". This means that we always work with you to provide flexible, personalised home care services based on what you need. If an elderly member of your family has been diagnosed with cancer, we can help. Whether it's for the short term, the long term, or just a few days a week, we will accommodate you. 

Specific training

Once we have matched a suitable CAREGiver with a client, we offer them specialised training. All our CAREGivers receive bespoke training that includes the techniques required to support a particular client, including cancer patients. If we cannot offer the training in-house, we will reach out to our extensive network of Specialist Nurses and Health Care Professionals, who can provide online or in-person training for our staff.

Home health care 

We understand that your home is where you feel the most comfortable and happiest. It is the place you know best. So why would you move away from what you love when you need some extra care and support as you are struggling with cancer?

When it comes to providing home care, we often talk about four key areas:

  • Home help. We can help you look after your home so you or your relatives don't have to. We believe that your home environment should remain clean, tidy, and safe. You don't need outstanding chores and mess adding to your already strained health.
  • Companionship. Our CAREGivers can accompany you to the hospital or to doctor's appointments and stay with you during chemotherapy or radiotherapy, for example. You don't have to go through this on your own.
  • Personal care. We can help with any daily activities you might be struggling with, including bathing, dressing, or taking your medications - whatever you need.
  • Dementia care. While not all our cancer patients are affected by dementia, some of them are. Our CAREGivers are specifically trained to provide the right support to allow dementia patients to maintain a high quality of life, even in the face of memory loss.

If you would like to find out more about how we can support with dementia, head over to our post: Having a CAREGiver looking after someone with dementia at home.

Emotional support

When it comes to cancer patients, we know that it is not just about providing physical support with medications, hospital appointments, and side-effects of the therapy. It is also about offering emotional support to cancer patients and their family members. So we build this into our care plan. We find that when it comes to supporting clients affected by cancer, our CAREGivers and their supervisors become key in coordinating all the aspects related to medical care, so we can take some of the pressure off the family.

Our CAREGivers are trained in resilience and, if necessary, can access any support they might need. We have an established Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provided by Life & Progress. We strongly believe that in order to support our clients, our CAREGivers need the resources to be able to do so to the best of their abilities. And that is why through our EAP we give them access to advise on tackling stress and anxiety, work-life balance, and health and wellbeing amongst other aspects.

End-of-life care

If the cancer is terminal, we can provide care and support and palliative care to advanced cancer patients. We have an on-site end-of-life care specialist, Domizia Care Conti, available to offer training, information, and support to our CAREGivers.

Through regular visits and care, we are able to easily spot any changes in behaviour or worsening in conditions. Often this leads to our clients receiving prompt care and avoiding the need for hospitalisation. We believe that if your condition does not call for you to be in a hospital, you should have the choice to receive physical, medical, emotional, and spiritual support at home. Being in a familiar environment, supported by the people you love, can make a huge difference.

Where to find further information

If you or a relative have been diagnosed with cancer, you can find more information about physical, financial, and emotional support on the following websites:

Would you like our help? 

If you or an elderly loved one are affected by cancer and are looking into home health care as an alternative to hospice care, Home Instead could the right option for you. Unlike other care agencies, we are able to provide high-quality cancer support that incorporates both nursing care and personal care. If you would like to discuss your situation in more detail and find out how we could help, feel free to give our Hammersmith and Chiswick branch a call on 0208 0223276 or fill in the form on our website, and we will be in touch for an obligation-free care consultation.