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Give your loved one the live-in care they deserve

What is live-in care?

Home Instead Hammersmith & Chiswick is proud to have the most well-trained live-in CAREGivers – a companion for your loved one in the comfort of their own home to support them with day-to-day activities.

Old age or any kind of disability does not mean that you have to stop living a normal life. With our live-in care for seniors, you can decide the number of hours and days you need our live-in CAREGiver to be with you.

Our live-in CAREGiver will be with you not only as an intimate friend but also as a source of comfort, security and motivation. Life can get unpredictable with age, but with our live-in care for seniors, you’ll always have someone at hand to provide support, even in the event of unexpected circumstances.

If you need around-the-clock live in care for a loved one within their home, we can arrange a team of live-in CAREGivers to ensure 24-hour at-home care.

Why choose Home Instead’s Live-in Care?

We love providing live-in care for seniors according to their unique needs, preferences, likes, etc., which means they can instantly bond with our caregiver, establishing a degree of trust and dependability.

You can decide on the number of hours you would like our caregiver to provide love, attention, and care for your loved one. Our live-in carers are very flexible in the way they work.

Quality time with your loved ones

Getting to spend quality time with your loved ones, especially as they age, is a privilege every family should have. And with everyone being so busy with their own responsibilities, living their own lives and such, it can be tough to give your loved one the attention they need and deserve.

Having a live-in CAREGiver around can really improve their overall sense of wellbeing and health, with you never having to worry about how lonely they might get in your absence.

What does the job of a live-in caregiver involve?

A live-in CAREGiver is a companion who will stay with your loved one in their home, helping them with day to day tasks, looking after them and just being a friend to them whenever they want to share a light-hearted moment.

More importantly, they will become a part of your family – a familiar face who is always ready to ‘do stuff’ with the family – be it watching everyone’s favourite TV show, cooking a fantastic meal or just reminiscing about ‘good old days’ from the family album.

Our team of live-in CAREGivers are at the heart of your community – they are familiar with what families want and how to develop long-lasting relationships with not just your loved one but everyone within the family, including their beloved pets!

Every live-in CAREGiver has years of experience and specialises in all aspects of live-in care for seniors, including any kind of specialist support they may require.

Simply tell us what level of senior live-in care you require and we will go above and beyond to ensure that we provide a live-in carer who meets your exact criteria.

When Live-In Care becomes necessary?

If you’re generally new to the concept of live-in care for seniors, then you want to understand some of the conditions or scenarios where senior live-in care or elderly live-in care becomes necessary:

· Long-term health conditions

Long-term conditions like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s require close, careful and regular monitoring. Our professional live-in care caregivers are trained to keep a close eye on everything from your loved one’s health to their medication timings, wellbeing and general behaviour. They will take the appropriate action before there is ever a cause for concern.

· Dementia care

Living at home for the majority of seniors means staying familiar with the surroundings and upholding daily routines, which is often not possible in a residential care home. Live-in caretaking is the perfect solution for someone living with dementia – where living life at home which they have gotten used to and love has proven to be helpful in order to manage symptoms.

· Spousal loss

With the demise of a spouse, it can take quite some time to adjust to the ‘new life, not just emotionally but practically and mentally too. A caregiver for live-in care acts as a much-needed companion – someone your loved one can fall back on and help fill the void that has been left behind due to losing a spouse.

· Frailty and weakness

Getting old for the majority of folks means losing some of their mobility and not being able to do the stuff they used to do every day – sometimes, even something as simple as lifting the kettle to make a nice cup of tea.

Elderly live-in care acts as the perfect support anchor for someone who has become frail due to old age, helping them maintain their independence and quality of life.

· Unexpected events and/or illnesses

Certain life events or the onset of illnesses could mean that circumstances around your loved one’s health and wellbeing will dramatically shift one way or another. At a time like this, professional help in the form of live-in caretaking is all you need, so that the entire family can breathe a sigh of relief.

The first step towards arranging a live-in CAREGiver for your beloved family member or friend is to book a free initial consultation with us. Our team would love to get acquainted and discuss the senior live-in care options available to you. 

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