Easy Meal Prep Tips for Busy Care Professionals

Wondering how best to prepare meals for the elderly? Want to know how to encourage your client to eat? Read below to learn about our tips.

As a caregiver, it can be challenging to plan and prepare nutritious meals amidst your busy schedule. However, taking some time for meal prep can help ensure your loved one or client is eating well and save you time during the week when you may feel rushed. Here are some easy tips:

  • Cook Double – When making a recipe, double or triple the ingredients so you have extra portions ready for quick reheating. Freeze individual servings for meals on busiest days.
  • Make it Portable – Ready-made meals that can simply be heated and eaten are ideal for Care Pros on the go. Try casseroles, soups, stews or burritos/ wraps that travel well.
  • Involve Them – Have your loved one help with simpler preparation tasks so they feel involved. They can wash and chop vegetables or mix ingredients, for example.
  • Batch Cook Proteins – Cook extra chicken, ground beef, salmon or tofu patties/tenders during the weekend to use all week long in different dishes.
  • Prep Produce Ahead – Wash, chop and store veggies, fruits and snacks in individual servings or containers so they are grab-and-go.
  • Pre-portion Snacks – Put healthy snacks like nuts, crackers, fruit or cheese in baggies or bowls for hunger strikes between meals.

With a little prep, you’ll have balanced, home-cooked meals ready to serve with minimal stress. Your loved one and/or client will appreciate the effort, too!

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