Our story

Since Home Instead’s formation in 1994, our aim has always been to enhance the lives of ageing adults and their families. We’re here to help you deliver the best quality home care possible.

Our goal is to give seniors a positive ageing experience and to enable them to remain safe, well, and happy while staying in their own homes.

To achieve this, we bring together the social care, public, and private sectors in a bid to solve the challenges of an ageing society. With our knowledge and experience, we’ve supported over 255 locally owned and operated offices across the UK to become experts in the care of older people, and how to support them and their families at home.

Home Instead was born in 1994, after founders Paul and Lori Hogan experienced the problems that dozens of other families faced while trying to keep their 89-year-old grandmother safe and healthy at home. They wondered how other families with fewer members and resources were coping with caring for elderly relatives. Paul’s grandmother became Home Instead’s first client.

The company has since grown to become the world’s largest global home care network, supporting over 100,000 older people. We’re committed to creating a world in which we’re all happy to grow older, and have the opportunity to do so within our own communities. In 2021, we were acquired by Honor.


A matter of Honor 

Like Home Instead, Honor was formed by four people whose ageing parents needed home care. Founder Seth Sternberg flew to visit his mother and saw that she was starting to slow down. He subsequently talked to his co-founders, Sandy Jen, Monica Lo, and Cameron Ring, about the issue of caring for ageing adults like their parents. They all agreed this was a challenge they wanted to tackle.

They founded Honor in 2014. Since then, Honor has: developed a home care agency; created a technology platform to strengthen the relationship between Care Professionals and their clients; and built a network of care providers. Honor still works to deliver a better, more connected care experience, consisting today of Honor Home Care and Home Instead.

Together, we’re pioneering the most advanced care platform, with the aim of revolutionising how society cares for elderly people and their families. 

Joining forces to make an even greater impact.

In August 2021, Honor acquired Home Instead, which immediately became Honor’s flagship brand for the highest quality, relationship-led style of home care. Together, Honor and Home Instead are moving forward and transforming the ways in which society cares for older adults, using our global franchise model to gather best practices from around the world to use at home.

By joining forces, Home Instead and Honor have created an international company that combines high-tech knowledge with high-touch expertise, with the ambition of expanding the world’s capacity to care – our local UK offices have delivered over 6 million hours of quality care in the last year alone. Drawing on our complementary areas of experience, we’ll dramatically increase innovation for the benefit of our Care Professionals and their clients around the world. Every day, we move further forward towards achieving this aim.