A global vision for care

At Home Instead, our primary vision and aim is to expand the world's capacity to care, and to support ageing adults to remain healthy and happy in their own homes and communities.

Why we provide high quality care

For the first time in history, older adults outnumber the young. This means that society’s existing care models are unsustainable. Home Instead’s mission is to enhance the lives of ageing adults and their families, and to pioneer greater professionalism within care work. That’s why we’ve created a care experience that’s based on human touch, transparency, and compassion. And we ensure that this care is provided by the right people, products,and services. 

Woven into the fabric of Home Instead is a passion and drive to find innovative ways to enhance the lives of older adults. We do this by acting as a catalyst for change with our partner organisations, and by building a care workforce that’s professional and highly skilled.

Using our extensive experience, we deliver care that’s tailored to the specific needs of our ageing population and their families. As pioneers in home care, we want to pave the way for a better future and a better ageing experience for all. Our emphasis is on supporting people so that they can live a happy and healthy life in their own homes, and within their own communities.

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What’s involved in providing high quality care?

Quality of life shouldn’t depend on age.People of all ages deserve comfort, security, communication, and care. We can help to achieve this by enabling more older people to choose how they age. We recognise that their families also need support. No one can do or know it all. Providing respite and the right resources allows families to enjoy simply being families.

We also need to support our local offices and our Care Professionals. Caring is an honourable profession, and the ways in which we support them must reflect this. It is important to us that we can provide a local service that allows people to remain connected to their community, which is why we have over 1,800 franchise offices worldwide.

One way of providing quality care is through the use of technology. This can enhance the ageing experience by breaking down barriers to accessing resources and support, enabling us to bring better care to more people.

We respect our ageing population for the experiences they’ve collected and the wisdom they’ve gained. Helping them maintain their quality of life to the very end is our privilege. We’re living longer than ever before – let’s all live those years to the best of our abilities, and on our own terms.

How we provide high quality care.

In everything we do, we never compromise on quality; from the training our Care Professionals receive, through to the delivery of elderly care. And we ensure that we’re always there for our clients whenever they need us. We’re committed to delivering above and beyond expectations, which is why our clients can wholeheartedly trust us to support them to remain in their own homes and communities.

Because we have a wide network of franchises across the UK, we can always provide a local service. We pride ourselves on being the industry leader in both the quality and scale of the care we provide. Every month, we serve 100,000 elderly clients globally, providing over 80 million hours of care a year. This emphasis on quality and scale is reflected in our reputation – we have the highest number of reviews in the industry, with a satisfaction score of 9.6/10, and have a market-leading number of top care inspectorate results for the quality of our care.

vision mission