Great opportunities in the care market 

Creating a business that will grow and grow

This is an exciting time to explore the possibilities of having a franchise with Home Instead. It’s an opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives whilst also developing a career that makes sound business sense. The care market is very promising – not only now but also for many years to come – and offers franchisees the prospect of an assured economic future.  

care market

Providing a solution for present and future needs

Why is the market so promising? It’s because the UK has a rapidly ageing population. The Office of National Statistics predicts the number of people aged over 85 will almost double from 1.7 million in 2020 to over 3.1 million by 2045. Family members aren’t always available or nearby to help their loved ones to stay where they most want to be, in their own homes. There’s a growing recognition that home-based care is often the best and most cost-effective solution. As a result, the demand for home care services for older people is growing at an unprecedented rate – and will continue to grow.

How we’re helping to boost the market

Home Instead’s national network and our national advertising campaigns are continuing to raise our profile and to increase awareness of home care. At the same time, this is also delivering significant benefits to our network of franchisees.

care market

Helping people from all walks of life

Home Instead’s services aren’t just for the wealthy. Anyone who qualifies for social care funding can choose our quality care. Research suggests about three quarters of older people will develop a social care need, so the government is faced with growing numbers of elderly people needing support but a shrinking pot of money to fund this. It therefore welcomes the prospect of privately-owned businesses such as ours filling the need for services that were previously provided publicly.

Business opportunity

Owning a care franchise in the UK is a fantastic opportunity. The demand for care services is steadily increasing, and will continue to grow for many years to come. Home-based care is becoming a preferred choice to address this demand. By owning a care franchise, you have the chance to make a real difference to the lives of elderly individuals in need while also making a difference to your own.