National office support

Unrivalled quality, unrivalled support

We offer an unparalleled level of support to our home care franchises. This will be tailored to each stage of your business, so that as it grows, its efficiency and profitability will also increase. 

The ratio of our franchises to our National Office employees is 3:1 – an industry-leading standard. This underlines the resources we dedicate to franchisee support, including IT, marketing, care quality, training, legislation and accounting. In fact, we’ll help you with all the key elements you’ll need to develop and grow your franchise.

The feedback we receive from our franchisees has led to us being awarded the prestigious 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction award, a sign of the exceptional support available.

franchise support services

Helping you to develop your business

Following your initial induction support, your Business Development Consultant will guide and support you as you move forward.

Business Development at Home Instead is all about opening up new opportunities for us and for you. Working closely with our Innovation team, the Business Development team will explore new service avenues and partner with the right companies so we can all provide our clients with a well-rounded service. Everything is tested on your behalf so that there’s an off-the-shelf solution ready for your business whenever you’re ready to use it.

Supporting your everyday operations

Marketing – our Marketing team will help you to raise awareness of the brand and services in your local territory as well as on a national level. Franchisees have their own pre-built, customisable website, as well as access to our national recruitment website. We also provide support for online and social media pages.

Innovation and IT – having disrupted the care sector with our model, we ensure this constantly evolves, providing our franchisee network and our clients with the highest levels of service.

General Operations – our in-house support covers a wide range of business needs. It doesn’t stop there though. We have various partners who provide additional support, including PR, HR, accounting and other services.

franchise support services

Helping you to provide first-class care

Our brand and the quality of our service are highly regarded in the home care sector. Our Care Quality team will support you in providing quality care, ensuring the wellbeing of your clients. We will also help you to comply with, and exceed, all legislation governing the home care market.

We provide a triple level of people support, covering recruitment, retention and development. This will enable you to build the right team, so together you can grow the best business in your local area. This includes attracting and onboarding people, which is why we’ve built a strong onboarding support structure to give you the best possible start.

Business opportunity

Owning a care franchise in the UK is a fantastic opportunity. The demand for care services is steadily increasing, and will continue to grow for many years to come. Home-based care is becoming a preferred choice to address this demand. By owning a care franchise, you have the chance to make a real difference to the lives of elderly individuals in need while also making a difference to your own.