Why Marketing Matters as a Franchise

In any business, the role of marketing as well as PR in maintaining consistent brand identity and awareness is crucial to success, even more so for a franchise.

Marketing and PR provides brand recognition, visibility and reach, which as a franchisor is vital when operating across various locations – signifying that you are a well-known trusted brand and easily recognisable. As a franchisee it’s also a key factor in terms of developing trust and familiarity with clients and building their loyalty.

As a franchise grows, marketing and PR is a contributing factor in maintaining a unified brand identity. With brand guidelines in place as part of a franchises’ brand guidelines, it ensures that consistency is maintained across all existing franchisees and moving forwards as the brand continues to expand.

Marketing and PR is also a powerful tool when it comes to achieving a ‘national noise’ on key topics relevant to your business. For Home Instead this means that over the years we have been able to raise awareness on a national scale of important issues relating to care across top publications and broadcast media, you can find an example of this here.

Our central marketing team based at our national office provide the tools, resources and campaigns that our franchisees can utilise in order to market their business on a local level. It also ensures that network-wide, marketing efforts are aligned to our brand, avoiding dilution of our brand’s image, values and messaging. This support helps our franchisees to focus on running their businesses whilst leveraging Home Instead’s marketing expertise.

Before joining a franchise brand it’s important to understand what they offer their franchisees in terms of marketing and PR support.  At Home Instead, our support is continuous, with monthly themes covering key topics in the sector, along with toolkits and webinars to help each of our franchise offices to implement the marketing resources available and successfully execute our campaigns.