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Peer Support

A strong franchise network and brand is when we can all harness the skills and experiences in the network.  We recognise that the support of our franchisee peers can benefit franchisees greatly.  For this reason, we regularly host events where we bring the franchise network together to share best practice, collaborate and swap tips and advice.


We arrange half-year meetings and annual conferences, sharing new initiatives, programmes and developments at both. These act as great opportunities to challenge each other and contribute to our collective efforts to grow our network and our brands.  These sessions are typically inspirational, highly motivational and a lot of fun.

Local Meetings

As a franchisee you will have the opportunity to join a local owners group, at which you can discuss with nearby franchisees different aspects of running and growing the new business that you have invested in. Working closely with neighbours can bring huge benefits, in terms of joint networking and lead referrals, so we encourage collaboration and sharing of information and best practice across our network.

Exclusive Online Communication

Our Online Franchise Forum enables you to engage with other franchise owners online, to share information and offer guidance. Additionally, we have other forums open to the rest of your team, so that they can do the same and gain benefit from working with, and talking to, their peers.