Improving personal safety at home

When you have an older parent living alone in their own home, it can be worrying to think about what might happen if they had an accident.  Lots of questions run through your mind.  Would they be able to raise the alarm to anyone who could help?  How would they do this?  How long would it take?

We know that the majority of accidents involving older people are falls.  Almost 75% of falls among the 65+ age group result in arm, leg and shoulder injuries and one in five result in bone fractures requiring hospital treatment*. 

Our new care packages improve personal safety in the home

When we recently reviewed our care packages, we decided to focus upon offering our new clients the ‘ultimate home care solution’.   We will be partnering with other organisations to help our clients find practical, cost effective solutions to their everyday problems, such as improving personal safety in the home.  

Through our new, bespoke Care Package Solutions we are able to offer a range of personal safety products for use in the home through PPP Taking Care, a trusted supplier of personal alarms, safety detectors and other safety products.   We know that keeping safe at home is a really serious issue for our older clients. 

When our CAREGivers visit clients at home, they will always keep alert to any trip or fall hazards and let the main office know so that these can be dealt with (if, indeed, the CAREGiver cannot find a solution themselves at that time).  This reduces the possibility of trips and falls.  However, with products like personal alarms, our clients can be safe even when their CAREGiver is not there. 

PPP Taking Care are offering discounts on their products to all our new clients through our bespoke ‘Care Package Solutions’ packages.  

The benefits of a personal alarm

A personal alarm from PPP taking Care can be connected automatically 24/7 to their response team, who will know who you are and where you live.  To alert the response team, the older person only needs to press a button on a pendant that they are wearing around their neck, or press the button on the main alarm unit.  This can drastically reduce the time between an accident occurring and help arriving.

Other personal safety products through Care Package Solutions

You can also add additional sensors, such as a fall detector, or smoke detector, to your care package for an additional fee.

For families, these products mean that they can have peace of mind that their loved one can be safer living at home on their own.

At Home Instead we are passionate about the health and wellbeing of older people.

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*RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) website, March 2019.