Do you want to learn more about dementia?

Home Instead's campaign #CareAboutDementia is all about raising awareness of living with dementia and some of the things we can all do to help when caring for a person who is living with this condition.

It can often be the simplest things, such as reminiscing with a person about happy memories or, more practically, thinking about aids such as labels with words or pictures around the home, which might help memory.

As part of the campaign, our wonderful CAREGivers from around the UK shared some of their insights into how they #CareAboutDementia.

Fran Shaw said: “My tip I gained from a family member who lived with dementia towards the end of her life, was not to correct her when she told you the same story or asked the same question a number of times. It’s about being patient and even if you feel frustrated at the time, put a smile on your face and let them know you are listening and are interested in what they have to say.”

This was echoed by CAREGiver Karen Dyke who said: “Be patient, kind and understanding”. 

And it’s about appealing to a person’s senses as CAREGiver Yolanda Clarke tells us: “I wear interesting patterns and bright colours to stimulate visual senses.”

Jo and Anna shared their tips on how they #CareAboutDementia. Jo said knitting with one of her clients helps to lift her mood and recall her childhood and Anna talked about how she plays a favourite song on her phone to cheer up her client.

Jo, from our Home Instead Farnborough office, mentions that many of our clients with dementia sometimes forget to eat.  One way to help them is to leave a familiar tray set out with their food on their usual choice of china, together with a note to remind them.  Familiar things are really effective memory triggers.  Food which looks enticing will also help, of course, as sometimes dementia can affect a person's sense of smell.

There is so much that trained CAREGivers who understand the needs of a person with dementia can do to help whilst delivering homecare.  If you would like to speak to us about your particular situation then please don't hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email.