Common Worries For Older People.

What do older people worry about most?

If you have an older parent, or if you are a carer, it’s useful to be aware of the main worries that older people tend to have as they age.  There are those who will share their concerns and those who won’t.  Worries that are not shared often become more intense and, perhaps, disproportionate - as thoughts run away with themselves. 

The most common worries that we come across when talking with our clients and their families are:

· Losing independence,
· Suffering poor health,
· Being lonely.

Losing Independence

As you get older, you may start to notice signs that your health perhaps isn’t as good as it once was.  The main worry you might have is whether you will be able to do what you need to in order that you stay happy, safe and healthy.  This may be particularly relevant if you are living alone.  

Health Concerns

It’s a fact that many older adults experience some deterioration in their health before they are actually very old.  Often this isn't a cause for concern but it does sometimes go hand in hand with a gradual loss of independence.  A person may, eventually, not manage to take care of their basic needs, such as personal care, shopping and preparing food and other things that they might have taken for granted in the past.


It’s very important to stay connected with others in order to feel like you belong, that you matter and, perhaps, that you feel useful.  Staying active and involved in life has many benefits, including fending off depression and illness resulting from that.

If you, or someone that you care about, is starting to worry about these things then it may be a good time to start thinking about some extra support.  Support comes in many forms and can be really flexible, making it possible for someone to stay living in their own home for longer.