Answering your care concerns.

You might have been thinking for a while about looking into getting some support.  We hope to answer some of the questions you might have about receiving care at home.

What support is available?

You will always be asked about what you feel you need, but receiving care at home can be more than just simply having your practical needs met.  

Having help to get practical tasks done is important, of course, but our CAREGivers appreciate that you might have social and emotional needs too. For instance, many of our existing clients have experienced loneliness, which sometimes leads to feeling depressed or, perhaps, anxious.  This can be a concern for older people living at home but all our CAREGivers are warm, friendly souls who are always willing to talk and provide companionship.  We always try to pair our clients with a carer (or carers) who have similar interests so that time spent together is more enjoyable and meaningful.

If you would find it helpful to have some support with getting in groceries, or medication, then this is something we can help you with.  Our carers can also make simple meals for you, or cook with you if you prefer.  It's often nice to have company whilst you eat too.

If you are finding that you are getting out less than you used to, you might find that having someone going out with you would make you feel more comfortable.  All our CAREGivers drive and have a vehicle that is insured to take clients out and about.  Perhaps there are local places you like to visit, or social groups you would like to continue with?  Maintaining contacts outside your home is often really rewarding and a great way to retain independence.  

How are clients protected from Covid19?

The health and safety of all our clients and staff is of paramount importance.  All Home Instead care staff are trained in infection control and wear appropriate personal protection clothing to suit a client's situation and circumstances.  

How long is a care visit?

Feeling that your CAREGiver is in a rush to get to their next visit is never a good thing.  All our care visits are at least an hour long, so you have plenty of time to talk with your carer, get to know them better and enjoy their company.

Personal care 

If you need some help with washing and dressing, is this something you are a bit worried about?  It is normal to feel this way but please don’t be concerned.  All our CAREGivers are compassionate, caring people and they will always fully respect your feelings and your privacy.  They are trained to know the best way to support you so that your dignity is preserved. 

Further questions?

If you have more questions that you would like to ask us then please get in touch on 01252 758716.  If you call before 9am or after 5pm then you are welcome to leave a message and we will be happy to call you back.  If you would rather leave your details on our contact form then please click the button below.

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