Ideas For Seniors To Beat Boredom At Home.

Having to stay at home can get a little bit boring at times.  Especially at the moment when a lot of us have had to curb our social activities for so long.  Let us help you beat that boredom!   Here are some simple things you can do without leaving home.  There's even one which can help to recreate that feeling of going to the beach, without leaving your chair!   

1. Admire your garden, balcony or flower pots.  Spring flowers and buds are everywhere, it’s more colourful and it’s warmer.

2. Listen to the birdsong.  It’s quieter right now so you should be able to hear it more clearly.

3. Get a visitor to create a beach-themed sensory activity for you to enjoy.  This could include having some sand in a tray that you can sift between your fingers or even dip your feet in (perhaps some cool water too, to mimic a rock pool, if you're feeling brave!), some seashells to hold, perhaps some seaweed to smell, or a candle which is sea-scented, a soundtrack to listen to of some gulls, or waves breaking on the shore.  Add a pair of sunglasses and a sunhat and you could almost be there.  Get creative!

4. Stay connected with your friends and family on the phone or online. Have at least one conversation every day.

5. Stick to your familiar routines as much as possible.

6. Cook something tasty and delicious.  We have some recipes for you. Click To Recipes

7. Write a list (or lists). Perhaps it’s a list of things you know need doing around the house or garden, or a list of things you would like to do when things are back to normal.

8. Listen to some favourite music. Stick on the songs you like and take the time to listen and enjoy them with a cuppa.

9. Do some exercise. Just do what you comfortably can. Even simple stretches can feel great and stop you from feeling stiff.

10. Read a book. Or maybe even re-read one that you enjoyed before!

11. Clean something until it’s shiny. Maybe you have some picture frames on the shelf which need a dust, or some of your favourite ornaments which could really do with a wipe. It’s satisfying to do the dusting – and it’s useful.

12. Give yourself a mini manicure. Filing your nails and applying some lovely handcream or a nice nail polish can give you a boost.

13. Organise a drawer. We all have a few drawers in the house which could really do with a sort out.

14. Draw or paint a picture. Use pencils or paints, or even a pen if you want to. Put an object on the table and take time to really observe it before you draw.

15. Do a crossword. This keeps your mind active and it’s always satisfying to complete one.

16. Watch a good film. Stick on one of your favourite films or pop the TV on and see what’s on.

17. Make something. If you are halfway through some knitting, a sewing project or something else you didn’t quite get round to finishing then now is the time!

18. Pass the time using technology.  Laptops, smartphones, game consoles and tablets offer lots of ways to keep amused.  Some are also designed specifically for those with dementia.
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