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Older Wiser Together (OWT) is the local community for anyone involved with the older generations. By subscribing to the podcasts and fortnightly newsletter, you can stay informed about events, services, and opportunities in your area, as well as hear from local experts, organisations, charities, and businesses. OWT welcomes those that would like to contribute to this community by providing useful information on services, initiatives, clubs, products and activities.
The OWT podcast, hosted by MK and Jonathan, focuses on home care, ageing, and the things that matter to older people and their carers. MK, who comes from a social care background, brings his expertise to the mic, providing informative yet light-hearted ten-minute shows. The podcast is for anyone interested in social and domiciliary care, whether you are an older person considering care, a loved one looking into care for someone else, or someone who works in social care.
The OWT newsletter, delivered fortnightly, complements and ties in with the podcast, providing additional information on events, opportunities, and services in the area. The community has a growing and engaged readership in Surry, Hampshire and Berkshire.
To find out more about the podcasts and take part call Jonathan 01252 758716.
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