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"“I am currently in my 3rd year of working for Home Instead and I can honestly say that over time I have enjoyed my job more and more.  Not only have I learnt about other individuals, their lives, families,..." CAREGiver - MC
"Jacky, just wanted to say thank you for all your care and kindness you show to my Mum. You really make a huge difference." Rachel, Client's daughter
"The kindness of the people who come to me! They are so willing to do anything. They are all first class.”" Mrs A, Client

""All care given has been excellent. Couldn't have asked for nicer people"."

Mrs M, Client, Farnham

"One of our dear clients recently passed away and her daughter very kindly sent us a note thanking us and our CAREGivers for our service during the last few month's of her Mum's life. "The team at Home Instead played a huge part in the happiness of my mum's life since we joined up with you last year - and indeed increased her enjoyment of everyday life. I am incredibly grateful for that......................"  April 2018"

SR, client's daughter

"I just wanted to thank all the other kind and helpful staff that I have dealt with during your time with mum. Everyone has gone above and beyond caring for her and helping her out at short notice when she was ill.  It has been a great pleasure and although regrettably your help is no longer needed this is partly down to yourselves helping mum regain her confidence.  If in the future mum once again needs help I will certainly be coming back to you."

Mrs N, Client's daughter

"Just wanted to say thank you for all your care and kindness you show my mum.  You really make a huge difference. They have gone above and beyond to get mum back up to eating healthily and drinking more fluids. At one point thought mum was not going to make it but with the help of the Caregivers mum has improved in a way I didn’t think was possible."

Mrs B, Client's daughter

"Very many thanks for the birthday card you sent me back in September. And very many thanks for the Christmas present of the book "Flight-the complete history of aviation." I am thrilled to bits with it all. Very many thanks for it all."

Mr G, Client, Farnborough

"Excellent organisation and service provider who have mastered the essentials of providing compassionate care to the elderly.Staff are well trained and demonstrate high levels of functional competence and respects dignity and difference in their interactions with clients.Overall, the frameworks and systems set up are compliant with regulatory protocols and the service excels minimum standards."

Mr L, Client's Son in Law

"We don't know how we could have coped without your marvellous team. The care was superb. By that I mean attentive, thoughtful, imaginative, sensitive, kind and "joined up". The communication was excellent. What a wonderful achievement all of that is. "

Mrs B, Client's daughter

""Dad's carers are lovely and so very caring of Dad and his needs. They show and demonstrate a great deal of care for Dad. As his daughter it is a great relief that I feel he is being well looked after. Great communication between the carers and myself"."

Mrs F, Client's daughter, Farnborough

""I am fortunate with my carers, they always do their best for me. It's like another family member. They make me feel safe"."

Mrs L, Client, Farnham

"Thank you, both Fran and Becky are absolutely wonderful with [client] and are amazing ambassadors for Home Instead Senior Care. We couldn't rate them more highly."

Nikki, Client's daughter-in-law

"[My husband] can’t wait for the Caregivers to come round and loves them both. They are both very caring and [my husband] likes both Caregivers. He enjoys dancing to music with his Caregivers and they make him laugh.  "

Mrs E, Farnborough

"I would like to thank you, your staff and all the carers that have looked after mum - you have all been wonderful."

Mr C, Client's Son

"I write to thank you and your amazing team for the exceptional care you provided for my dear dad...it made such a difference."

Mrs G, Client's daughter, Farnborough

"The Home Instead staff have all been a huge help with my elderly and frail Dad, looking after him while he was living in his flat as well as keeping in touch with the family over any concerns they had -  although we visit often we all live some distance away and the communication has been vital. Recently he has had a stint in hospital and is now in a care home but one of the lovely carers, Michele, continues to visit twice a week: Dad is always pleased to see her and we have the added reassurance her visits provide. Home Instead have provided a tailor made service for the changing circumstances that has been ideal for the whole family."

Ms O'K, Client's daughter

"We are extremely grateful for everything you have all done for [Mr H]. It is much appreciated. Mum and Dad have loved seeing everyone each week and are very grateful for all the lovely care."

Mrs C, Client's daughter

"The carers were all very caring and very professional. They appeared to be well trained and quickly grasped what needed to be done. We will miss them. "

Sheila C, partner of client.

"Patrina, Laura and Victoria have all provided support to my Mother in (their own) different ways and she both likes and appreciates them all.  You have (all) made her (and my) life easier.  Thank you."

Dr B, Client's Son

"The family would like to express their wholehearted thanks to you and all CAREGivers and support staff for your wonderful help since we first made contact last January. It has been a big relief to all (family, friends and neighbours) to know that Mother has been safely up and about every morning.  She has maintained her independence but now recognises she needs to make the move away from the family home where she has lived for the past sixty years. Please pass on our thanks to everyone concerned with her welfare."

Mr P, Client's Son

"It was a great pleasure to meet Denise, a charming lady, cheerful and positive. Should I ever need personal assistance in the future, I would not hesistate to call upon your organisation."

Mrs T, Farnborough

"My husband had a fall following many UTI's, he was hospitalised for several weeks and upon his return home it was suggested by them, our GP and social services that I obtain a carer to assist me on a daily basis. Unfortunately, as it was the school holidays and also general vacation time this proved easier said than done. Many individuals and agencies could not help, however Home Instead came up trumps and saved the day, not just for me but my husband also. All the carers supplied were friendly, competent and efficient. The back up from the office was superb. We would recommend them to anyone. Real professionals and caring with it."

Mrs A, Client's wife

"We have reached the point where we will have to move [relative] into a residential home. This decision has not come easily for us and is no way a reflection on the care and compassion that theHomeinstead provided carers have provided, which has been exemplary."

Mr H, Client's next of kin

"The care I received from Jacqui was second to none. Helped so much to build my independence."

Mrs H, Fleet

"..."I must also thank Nicky and Andrea for the concern they showed a couple of days earlier.  My mother had had a bad night's sleep due to problems which pulled her down considerably.  Nicky, who visited that day expressed concern to Andrea and later revisited my mother to check she was okay. Andrea phoned me to check I was aware of this and, so I understand from my mother, subsequently visited her herself, to check up on her. "

Mrs E, Client's daughter

"To Louise, Vanadis and all the office staff. Thank you all for being so kind and caring throughout the awful months earlier this year. You have helped me so much."

Mrs C, Client, Ash

"Thank you for the care you have provided. Mrs H informed me that she is very happy with the service and described it as "excellent"! It is always nice to be able to pass on such positive comments."

C.S., Care and Welfare Advisor

"I highly recommend Home Instead for their caring, dedicated and efficient service to my mother in often difficult circumstances. Their support to me and my mother throughout was exceptional and exceeded my expectations. They showed great understanding, experience and knowledge of clients with different types of Dementia and the caregivers always responded to my mother with respect gentleness and patience. They were always very engaging with my mother, each one developing a wonderful rapport with her. Home instead always provided very helpful feedback and liaised with me as and when necessary. It was a relief to finally find a care agency which put CARE first. I will always be extremely grateful to them and their caregivers."

Ms D, Client's daughter

"Thank you for all the help I received from Nicola and Jo. They were like bright bursts of sunshine coming into my home each time they visited. They were always cheerful and responded positively to the tasks I needed them to undertake."

Ms C, Client

"Thank you to you and your care team for their help."

Mrs W, Client's wife

"I often think how lucky we were to have you and the team caring for Dad that last year. Such a relief knowing that Andrea was there to make sure he was fed and had tablets every day and then got him out to bowling twice a week. Best wishes for 2015. Keep up the good work."

Mrs C, Client's daughter

"“I spoke to [xxx] at the Memory Clinic and [xxx] from the Social Services Community Team and both have spoken very highly of Home Instead. They said "they are the best in the business, we deal with a lot of private agencies and they are nothing like as good."   "

Mrs H, Client's daughter

"Thank you for all the help I received. Nicola and Jo were like bright bursts of sunshine coming into my home each time they visited. They were always cheerful and responded positively to the tasks I needed them to undertake. I would definitely recommend Home Instead to my friends who may need help of this kind."

Ms C, Client

"Jess is a wonder, she’s marvellous. We couldn’t be more pleased and can’t imagine life without her.   "

Mr R, Client, Farnham

"My mother has told me on the phone today, that her heart lifts when she sees them (Nicky especially), walking up the driveway. Originally, arranging carers through you was a purely practical intervention on my part; neither of us anticipated that their company would become so valuable to her."

Mrs E, Client's daughter

"Thank you for your care of John."

Mrs P, Client's wife

"The ambulance crew were very impressed with the file you keep for the carers to write in. They said it showed a professional Company, thought you would like to know that!"

Sharon, Client's daughter

"Many thanks for my carers, they are great."

Mrs A, Client

"Thank you for your care and patience with J-   and look forward to this continuing."

Mrs P, Client's wife

"(Regarding our 2014 national care award nomination) Many congratulations! This is such an achievement, so I wish you every success. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you all, you deserve it."

Mrs R, Client's daughter

"(Regarding our 2014 national care award nomination) I hope you win. You certainly deserve to."

Mr RR, Client's Son

"I would also like to thank you for all your efforts, patience and courtesy over this difficult month."

Mr R, Client's Son

"Thank you all very much!"

Mr R, Client's Son

"With many thanks for your care."

Mrs L, Client

"Thank you so much for all your help."

Mrs G, Client's wife

"Thank you all for looking after us this last seven months. Mum has definitely reaped the benefit of the extra time and care."

Mrs H, Client's daughter

"Thank you for everything you do!"

Fiona, Client's daughter

"Your kindness and support has been invaluable."

Mrs L, Client's daughter

"Many thanks for all your hard work over the year. You've helped keep Dad as safe and happy as possible."

Mrs C, Client's daughter

"Thank you all for looking after us this last seven months. Mum has definitely reaped the benefit of the extra time and care."

Mrs H, Client's daughter

"I'm so glad it is going well. I saw Mum this evening and both Mum and Dad said they enjoyed Zoe's visits .........hurrah ! Thanks for all being so nice and reassuring."

Amanda, Client's daughter

"I am so pleased with Genine. She is a good advocate for you. She's calm, but she's there for you.  Please let her know that the slippers she picked out for me yesterday are lovely and she won't need to change them."

Barbara, Client

"Many thanks to you all, especially Marijana."

Tristan, Client's Son

"Thank you once again for looking after Dad so well. Lynsey did a wonderful job. He thinks she's lovely."

Mrs K, Client's daughter

"Mum says "Kelly is pleasant and polite. She comes on time and is reliable. It's nice having her here." This is a real triumph for Home instead!"

Mrs C, Client's daughter

"That's grand. You and your team are my heroes!"

Danny, Client's Son

"Please thank Marijana for all she is doing."

Mr, R-R, Client's Son

"I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service and to commend our Carer Zoe, of whom we both became very fond. We throughly enjoyed her visits and her company. She was always very obliging and professional."

Mrs G, Fleet

"Toni is a treasure. She is so quick! She's been a godsend at what has been a very difficult time."

Peter, Client's Son

"Many many thanks from Danny and June J. (Beautiful flowers were kindly brought to us in the office for Caregiver, Ursula)."

Client's Son and Daughter-in-law

"I am grateful for Ursula's kindness towards my father. She has been an angel."

Client's Son, Farnham

"Thanks for everything. You and your team are such a support for Dad. It was a huge relief knowing you were there for Dad while I was away."

Mrs C, Client's daughter

"Thank you so much for providing Zoe as my Carer. She is warm and caring and quickly remembered all the things I needed each day. Even more importantly, she always left me smiling and ready for the day."

Mrs P, Client, Farnborough

"Gill’s skill and professionalism is exemplary."

Mrs C, Client's daughter

"I would like to express my sincere thanks for the lovely and kind care I am receiving."

Mrs D, Client, Farnham

"Thank you for everything you've done for me. I really appreciate it."

Mr J, Client

"I like (Caregiver) Toni tremendously. We really hit it off."

Mrs C, Client, Frimley

"Impeccable behaviour by your team."

Mr J, Client

"We are happy to recommend Home Instead's excellent services. Thanks to the cheerful and smiling carers for making life so much easier. Many thanks.    "

Mrs P, Client's wife

"Thank you for all you have done for Arthur and please thank all the care girls as well. If you need any recommendations I will be only too pleased to give them."

Mr C, Client's Son

"I'd like to say a big thank you to Andrea. She seems to get loads done with Dad. He's really pleased with the jumper he got when out shopping with her and she took a faulty alarm clock back to Sainsbury's that I'd been meaning to do. I read the notes each week & it sounds great that she hoovered while dad washed up & she wiped out the fridge. It's all so helpful."

Hayley, Client's daughter

"Thank you. You were great."

Mrs P, Fleet

"The main change seems to be with Mum who is in general much more positive and able to cope. This is helped by the flexible way in which Home Instead works so she has been able to still feel in control of what help happens when. The choir is such a good idea and lovely to think of my Dad being able to join in with something he has always enjoyed. The relief in knowing that my parents have someone else they are confident to be with is huge and their quality of life (and mine) has improved greatly."

Alison, Client's daughter

"Thank you very much.  I would say that Dad is much happier and at peace with the world since your team started. Keep up the good work and thank you again."

Mr J, Farnham

"I was impressed with your detail to my father in law's needs. "

Mrs C, Fleet
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